This is a compilation of shots I took of my latest creation. It is a fully operational K'nex pinball machine. The logo saying "Pinball Panic" was actually designed by me on Google Sketchup 8.
Make instructions!!!!!!
How does the top mechanism with the balls stored in it work?
Epicness! 5 star
Me likey!
Puddock3 years ago
This is actually great!
bumboozer4 years ago
Amazing! This is the first functional knex pinball machine i have seen.
please post!!!!!!!!!
That is amazing, check your comments more.
8chillpill (author)  TheFoofinator4 years ago
Why? (Just wondering)
To see what other people think of your project.
That doesn't mean he needs to reply to everyone.
jimopertrat4 years ago
Sorunome4 years ago
That thing is truly awesome! :)
That's awesome! I want to make one!
DJ Radio4 years ago
Great stuff. I like the mag for all those balls.
~KGB~4 years ago