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Introduction: Custom Lego Earrings!

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Lego Earrings.
They are simple, easy to make, and add that spark of nerdiness to any outfit!
And they are fun to build onto for an easy change up!  Makes a fun gift too!

You'll need:
2 desired flat Lego pieces (don't have to match)
2 jewelry pliers
Drill with a small drill bit
4 jump rings
2 earring hooks

Step 1: Ready...Set...Build!

Drill a small hole in the tops of the Lego pieces.
I use a flat brick, usually a 2 by 4 or 5...and drill the hole
right between the there are real word for these?

Then use the pliers to hook a jump ring through the hole.

Step 2: Here Comes the Hook!

Now use another jump ring to connect the first jump ring and the earring hook.
This extra jump ring will keep the Lego piece facing forward, rather than sideways.

Now you can wear as-is...or dress it up a bit for fun!

Step 3: Added Awesome.

Now you can customize your earrings to fit your mood!
We added some mini Star Wars ships for some added nerdiness...
Or a couple flowers for a touch of girly!

You will be sure to get extra attention from kids to adults alike because
of these awesome earrings!

If you make some, post a picture!

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I'll be your BEST friend!

And a big high five to my darling model and her summer tan lines!  :)

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    Very cool! If I have a daughter I definitely want to make these!

    Me too! I love the girly Lego many fun little accessories! :)

    yeah me too! never bought one though! my son would not approve!

    Thanks Holly! She loved doing this photo shoot, she said she felt like a teenager...she is only 9. :) -Nat

    Aww that is awesome! My son is 8 and he kept asking me recently about when you become a teenager and I told him he's almost a preteen! :) He loved to hear that too! They are so funny at their age. He also told me the other day that he felt like a new man because I cut his hair and he wanted it all shaved off in a military style! Kids are awesome!

    Thanks! My favorite too! :)