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Finding the perfect Lego storage/play area is not easy. I could not find anything that fit my needs so I created my own Lego table for both creativity and containment.

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Step 1: Find solid wood table or coffee table

Picture of Find solid wood table or coffee table

This table is going to get a lot of abuse from small children so you want it to be very sturdy. If you start with a standard height table cut the legs to the height you want. We wanted our table to sit 18 inches high. It’s a great height for small kids to stand, older kids to kneel and adults to sit and play at. You can use a coffee table and save yourselves a step

Step 2: Supplies you will need:


Lego base-plates

¾ inch MDF or plywood

Table Saw

Measuring tape

Jig saw

Painters tape

Wood glue (Titebond III)


Bar Clamps

Angle brackets


1/2" D x 1-1/2" H x 1/2" Shank Piloted Flush Trim Bit

Shank Rounding Over Bit

Wood putty

Sandpaper/palm sander


Liquid Nails

Step 3: Determine you Dimensions

I decided I wanted to put 5x10 inch Lego base-plates around the Lego table, with three on each side. I decided where I wanted them and then we used painters tape to map out visually where I wanted the Lego storage box to go. Our table was 70 inches by 30 inches so we decided the inside of the box should be 16 x 44 inches.

Step 4: Build box

Picture of Build box

We used ¾ inch MDF to construct the Lego storagebox (you could use plywood, but we had MDF on hand). Make sure to account for the table top thickness when determining the size to cut the box side pieces. Cut the box sides and bottom of the box on a table saw to make sure they all have square edges. Then use a few nails, glue and bar clamps to build the box. We used Titebond III white glue, but any good quality wood glue would do. You want to make sure the box is built very strong because there is a good chance there will be a child standing in it at some point in the table’s life (has already happened many times with my boys).

Tkbckrd88 made it!4 months ago

Made this on a smaller scale for my daughter. Happened to have an end table that we weren't using and some scrap MDF. Very fun project and rewarding to see her so happy playing with it. The only thing left to do is buy the 5"x5" base plates to go around the outside of the table... this will also be the most expensive part of the project. Thank You!

Lego table.jpg
winder1210 months ago
I love this idea! Might have to make this for myself...
Qwkredfox11 months ago

Very well done, love the idea!

billbucket1 year ago
That's a good call on the depth of the bin.

This is awesome! My feet were hurting just looking at the kids standing in the legos though! haha