There isn't really a good way to reseal canned food. So I designed a simple silicone lid that will tightly fit over the top of a standard can. This silicone lid helps to keep the contents sealed until the next time that you need them. Here is how to make one.

Step 1: Select a Food Grade Silicone Putty

The easiest material to use for this kind of project is silicone putty. This is a common material used for making molds. The brand that I am using is "Silicone Plastique." It can be purchased from MakeYourOwnMolds.com. Other silicone putties can also work. Just make sure that it is rated as "Food Grade."

Silicone putty typically comes in two parts (Part A and Part B). Each one by itself is soft and has the consistency of Play Doh. But when they are combined, they quickly cure and harden. 

Before working with any silicone putty, you should read the material safety data sheet. This should let you know if there are any health hazards associated with this product and what safety precautions you should take. In most cases you will at least want to wear gloves while working with it. Also keep in mind that the silicone putty can stain some work surfaces.

<p>I hear you can make your own putty by mixing cornstarch with silicone calking. Just mix cornstarch in until you get the consistency you want.</p>
<p>True, there are many &quot;oogoo&quot; recipes on instructables, however the silicone caulk from the hardware store is probably not food grade. There's no telling what other chemicals might have been added to improve weather and UV resistance that might not be healthy to have near food. If the caulk you have <em>is </em>rated food-grade, you can probably proceed that way. </p>
Dow corning 781 silicone sealant is drinking water safe but I suspect by the time you've mucked around making putty it will be cheaper to buy the real thing

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