I always loved the style of the folders on a Mac, such as the downloads, documents, movies, or photos folders. However, I had so many folders that all looked the same, and were often hard to recognize, so I wondered if there was a way to make a custom folder icon that still looked like the original mac folders. Here's how I did it.

NOTE: This should also work with any other version of Photoshop, but some steps may be a slightly different.

Step 1: Find the Images

The first thing you will need is a PNG of a default Mac folder. You can find them in Google Images. I used this one here: http://goo.gl/D5k3I
The reason why it must be a PNG is because of the transparency and shadow. A JPEG or BMP image will not have the transparency you need.
Next, find an image that you will want to place onto the folder. In this case it is the Instructables Bot. This image doesn't really have to be a PNG, but it can make the job a lot easier if it is.
<p>Do you have that minecraft folder? May I have the icons?</p>
Hey, just a thought, if you don't want to use an application to convert them to a icon, you can just export them (from your editor) with the size of 108x108. That the standard size of icons I found to be on my mac. Very nice, I'm gonna have to to this to my i'bles folder!
Great, thanks for the tip. I'll try doing that with the next icon I make.
that is an adorable folder!
Thank you!

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