During my teenage years, one of the things I loved the most was wearing friendship bracelets. MANY friendship bracelets. I really loved having my wrists full of them.
Unfortunately I didn't know how to make them yet, but I was really interested in finding out how they were made. Later, when I had already stopped wearing so many, I finally learned how they were made watching tutorials online.

I learned that the technique that is used to create them is called macramè and although it takes some time and patience, it isn't as hard as I thought.
It can be very adaptable so this is the reason why I decided to show you how to make a custom macramè bracelet. Once you understand the basics, you can create all the patterns you want.

This technique is used to create jewelry or bigger things like a purse or a chair's back. There are many different things about macramè (I don't even know some of them), but the way I made this bracelet is very simple and I'm sure anybody can do it!

Step 1: What you need

  • 2 colors cotton threads* - I used black and yellow
  • a clip, or piece of tape, pins, or whatever you need to keep the threads still
  • your hands
*You need a black thread and 9 yellow ones.
How long do they have to be?
Unfortunately I don't have an exact answer for this. Macramè consists of many knots so I can never know how long my threads should be, but I can tell that my yellow threads were about 50cm long (19.68 inches) and that was about the right size for me.
I cut my black thread double that size, but that's the one I worked with the most so I often had to add new pieces. You can either use an extremely long thread or add new pieces from time to time.
I don't feel comfortable working with a thread that is too long so I prefer to add new ones when the previous one is getting too short.
Its amazing! And simple i will must try this
<p>Thank you so much! Please share a picture if you make one, I would love to see it! :)</p>
<p>I love it :D </p>
<p>Thank you Emily! I did it, finally!! :D</p>
<p>I don't suppose mine would count as an I made it :P </p>
<p>haha well, it's yours now so you can even pretend that you made it :D</p>
thats amazing
<p>Thank you!! :)</p>
<p>Very pretty and elegant Linda. Thank you for sharing. Voted! :-)</p>
<p>Thank you so much! :)</p>
<p>Wow! Never tried anything like this before because I thought that would be difficult... Thanks a lot for this ible! I'm definitely gonna try this :)</p>
<p>Thank you so much! I'm so glad about this, please post a photo of it when you are done, I would love to see it! :)</p>
that was so cute...!thank you;-)
<p>Thank you!! :)</p>
<p>This is so awesome! I've seen knotted bracelets before, but never with a pattern like that! So adorbs! Is that little guy a ghost?</p>
<p>Thank you Nicole! That was supposed to be the Instructables robot...but I understand it's not actually so recognizable :D</p>
<p>No, totally is! I initially thought robot, but then for some reason I thought it was little arms like a little ghost!</p><p>I see it :)</p>
<p>That's a good thing, at least anybody can see something different in it haha :D</p>
<p>Wow! it looks amazing! looove it :d</p>
<p>Thank you so much Muhaiminah!! :)</p>
Oh this looks so nice!! you're choice of colour for what you wrote on it looks amazing!!
<p>I'm so glad you like it, thank you!! :)</p>

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