Step 5: Goggles and Eyes!

In this step I added the Minions eyes and goggles. The eyes is a ping pong ball cut evenly in half and sanded smooth to remove any glossy sheen. The irises and pupils were then painted and I then glued the eyes into place. After everything was dry I went to work finishing the goggles. The two gray plumbing bushings would be used as is...but first the goggles needed lenses. The lenses were cut from plexi glass and glued into the inside of the bushings created the goggles eyepieces. When they were completely dry I glued them to the goggles base. Lastly for the goggles strap, I cut a strap off of an old backpack to size... glued and sewed it to the back of the head and to the goggles. Now he's really starting to come to life!
OMG!!! love it!!! This is great inspiration. I think I might make it :) Thank-you for sharing this!
Make a yellow one
I could...
Sure wish you sold these! They are so cute!
Boondoggle is like a plastic string that kids usually use to make woven keychains
What is a boondoggle?
Oui monsieur. Merci. Parlez-vous anglais ?
PAPUCHE !!!!!!!
This puppet is adorable! Makes me smile.<br> By the way, an easier way to put &quot;skin&quot; on a foam puppet is to needle felt colored wool roving directly onto the foam as<a href="http://youtu.be/JOabPCTTZJ8" rel="nofollow"> this video</a> shows.<br> You get my vote.
This puppet is adorable! Makes me smile. <br>By the way, an easier way to put &quot;skin&quot; on a foam puppet is to needle felt colored wool roving directly onto the foam as this video shows: http://youtu.be/JOabPCTTZJ8
Thanks fratmom!
Love it!
Thanks antibobthebuilder!
pretty cool now u need a yellow one
Thank you!
It is really cool
The supplies list is in the introduction...
Thank you so much everyone!
So cute!!!!
You should make a supplies list
OMG I love this!!!
I love Minions!

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