Picture of Custom Magic the Gathering Valentine's Deck
This valentine is a variation of the “52 reasons I love you” card decks.  My boyfriend plays Magic the Gathering so I wanted to use those cards.  Since Magic cards already have text on them, I decided to use that to my advantage and design my own cards.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here's what you'll need:

- A deck of Magic cards.  A standard Magic deck is 60 cards, so I used 60 (plus a cover card), but you could really make a deck of any size

- A list of 60 (or the number you choose) reasons why you love your loved one

- Photoshop or another photo editing software

- Printer

- Scissors or paper cutter

- X-Acto blade

- Glue or spray adhesive

- Stickers, gems, or other accoutrements

- Matte ModPodge

- Hole Punch (optional)

- Ribbon or loose-leaf binder rings (optional)

Step 2: The Cover Card

Picture of The Cover Card
I first designed the cover card.  My boyfriend and I frequently say “I love you XX much” with a random number, so I decided to use that with the number 60 (a standard Magic deck).  You could just say “60 reasons why I love you.”

For the title card, download a life-size image of the back of a Magic card and use Photoshop to personalize it.  Use the clone stamp tool to remove existing text and find fonts that are identical or very close to those used on real Magic cards. I used this font for the titles:

Use Photoshop to duplicate the patterns within the main titles.

bmciver2 (author) 1 year ago
If you think this 'able is cool, please vote for it in the Valentine's Day and Speed Crafting Challenge contests!
jcole243 months ago

This is AMAZING! My fiance and I both love playing Magic!

nsias10 months ago
What were the dimensions for the life size card? Or where did you download it? Oh and what kind of paper did you use? P.S. This is awesome!!!! Totally gonna do this for my hubby
bmciver2 (author)  nsias10 months ago
I'm not sure of the exact dimensions, but you can get them by measuring a real card. I just did a google image search for magic cards to download them. Just print one to be sure the dimensions match up to the real card before you use it as a template. For the paper I used light card stock I believe.
rubyjeans1 year ago
Wow this is amazing! My boyfriend plays magic too and I always struggle with what to get him for valentines and his birthday cos he always just buys whatever he wants for himself. :D