You.  You have a picture laying around.  It's an odd size.  It has much sentiment attached to it...it could be a portrait of a long-lost love...or a rendering of someone (or some...thing) you've only dreamed of.

You'd tack it on your fridge, but magnets are so passé.  You have standards. Maybe you live in a minimalist highrise overlooking the twinkling horizon of Shanghai, and only the best will do. Or maybe you live in a transparent future-submarine, zipping around the Mariana trench, where opaque decorations are silly & verboten.  Well, have I got just the project for you.  

Step 1: Gather Your Materials & Tools

You will need:

Clear Acrylic (3mm thick)

Adobe Illustrator
Laser Cutter
Plastic Strip Heater
<p>why are there dangerous materials?</p><p>Its dfangerous</p>
<p>Very snazzy, but I wonder if one could make it with more ordinary tools which the ordinary hobbyist has access to? Maybe cut the acrylic with a fine saw and buff the cutting marks away, and using a more common heat source for the bendy stuff?</p>
Have to admit, noticed the person in the picture and thought, &quot;Hey, is that Edie Sedgwick&quot; Nice instructable.
I believe that's actually Twiggy. Edie's eyebrows were thicker and her hair a little blonder and she had a mole on one cheek. <br> <br>:-D <br>
True! Good eye! Thanks, guys! ^___^
These are $.99 at Staples.
Oh my gosh! They must have read my instructables?! How exciting! ^____^
Yeah back in the 1970s as I have several of these frames that I bought in the 1970s.
Woah! They had Instructables.com in the 70s??? What a long company - so cool they took inspiration from me! ^___^
nice, but too much expensive from me, cause i don't have lazier cutting machine :)
Alas, golmaal...! I'm sure someday they will become as commonplace &amp; easy to obtain as desktop printers...I'm sure of it! ^___^
All of a sudden there's a plastic strip heater??? Where di that come from?
Magic! ^___^
Thank you for sharing , to bend acrylic with a laser cutter you can use the same technique on the following link : <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arjRtCjI9AQ <br>The full documentation on the this link: <br>http://stefaniemueller.org/laserorigami-lasercutting-3d-objects/
Awesome, thank you yasam2002!
This came out nice. Have you seen the technique to use the laser cutter to make the bend? I'm looking for the video I saw it in for reference.
Thanks mikeasaurus! Woah yes - I've seen a video where they use the laser to make bends (&quot;laser origami&quot;, I believe?), but I haven't seen documentation on how to actually put it into practice...would love to try it out! ^__^

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