Custom Mobile Phone Case - Project Geek #5





Introduction: Custom Mobile Phone Case - Project Geek #5

One of the most easiest projects that one can do. It takes less than 2 hours and it costs nothing.

  • I always wanted a cool looking case for my phone but none in the market matched my taste
  • I had a clear case lying around, so i though i will get my hands dirty and make something fun out of it.
  • I had passion for movie making so i though i would make something that would reflect the same.


  • Clear mobile phone case
  • Color or Black & White Laser Printer
  • X-ACTO Knife, Scale, Scissors and Patience

I have attached the two images that i used in the project. You may have to edit them a little bit to your phones size.

Step 1: Cut the Paper

This step takes a little bit of patience, and multiple trials to get an exact cut that fits your phone perfectly.

Need not worry if its little messed up, it wont show up much at the end.

Step 2: Fix the Paper Behind the Clear Case

This step is simple you just have to align your cut paper behind the clear case to your phone. It might take few trials but its not that difficult to fix it.

Step 3: I Messed Up a Little and It Looks Even More Awesome

I messed up the cutting second time so i crumpled the paper, to my surprise it started looking even more awesome. It looks a lot vintage and a lot cooler.

You can coat the paper with a little coffee decoction to make it more authentic and vitage but i was happy with how it looked.



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    What kind of glue are you using?

    What type of phone is that?

    please i have à question how can i make it stick

    Awesome looking phone case!

    Wow. Can't wait to make some.

    Thanks a lot GiovannaS. Do share the pictures here. Its really really simple to make

    So simple and clever. I really like this idea!

    Thanks a lot seamster, feels good to hear positive comments