Custom Modified Frames With Inset Map Sections





Introduction: Custom Modified Frames With Inset Map Sections

I've been working on some ideas for neat Xmas gifts for people and came up with this. Fairly simple to make and relatively inexpensive depending on how much you want to spend on a frame. Let me know what you think! I've currently got two of them for sale at my Etsy shop: 


-Photo frame with recessed portion around the photo area
-Old map
-Glue stick
-Casting Resin
-Ruler/straight edge

Let's make it!

First, Find yourself a decent frame with a recessed section around the photo holding area. Then, measure that area with a ruler, trace and cut out your section of map (or any other image you'd prefer) and ensure it fits nicely in the frame. Next grab your glue stick and glue the map section to your frame. Now, just mix up your casting resin and pour it over the inlayed map section. Allow it to cure for approximately 24 hours. The resin will not only seal off the map and waterproof it, but also gives it a brilliant shine! Now all you have to do is put a picture in and you're all set!

I apologize for not taking any photos throughout the actual process, but it's really not that difficult at all.



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This looks great! And the resin doesn't drip down to the inside of the frame?

Thanks so much! Nope, it doesn't drip down. As long as you don't pour a ridiculous amount of it in, it just stops along the edges and creates a sort of 'dome' effect. They turned out better than I thought they would haha.

Awesome! I have some resin I haven't used yet. It's nice to know the different things you can do with it!

Yeah it's great actually! You can do so many neat things with it!