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Hi Geeks, Today I am here with my custom monitor build. I salvaged the LCD from an old laptop and added a display driver board. Mounted everything on aluminium frame. I used revits on joints.

Step 1: The Screen

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Screen was salvaged from an old laptop. And I added a LCD driver board to operate the LCD screen.

Step 2: The Frame

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I used Aluminium for frame and ACP sheet for electronics. Following shapes of aluminium strips are used.
1. 1/2" Square Pipe
2. L strip
3. T strip
4. straight strip

I also used 4 10mm Acrylic pieces as screen holder. I cut 5mm slotes on them.

Step 3: Conclusion

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Result is pretty awesome and useble.


dbess (author)2017-07-15

Looks good!

sisodiakaran (author)dbess2017-07-20


alfredmoses (author)2017-07-20

nice build

sisodiakaran (author)alfredmoses2017-07-20


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