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Introduction: Custom NES Case Mod

I’ve been a huge fan of Nintendo (NES) since it first came out in 1985. I’ve always kept a working NES around, and occasionally play. Killing time surfing on the interweb, and I discovered casemodding. I immediately loved the idea of doing a custom paint job, or maybe some changes to an NES console. So this is what I’ve done.
I wanted to have LED lighting inside and saw some online with a window. I took an 8-bit image of the 1-Up mushroom and made a template. I cut out a mushroom shaped hole out of the top and filled the hole with easy cast available at your local craft store. This made a clear rigid window for the top. My friends at Critical Signs in Waterford, CT made the upside mushroom translucent decal. I made an LED array with about 9 LED’s and found a power source onboard that gave me about the 10 volts I needed to make the lights work properly. This was a little tricky because just about everywhere you tap in it screws with the games colors if you try to play it. I also wanted it to be switchable so that if you wanted to you could just leave the lights off, so I threw in a rocker switch on the back.
Next I wanted to be able to use a regular NES controller but have turbo if I wanted it. They already made this possible with a peripheral for the NES called the Four Score. This enabled you to plug in your original controller into it and have selectable turbo and choose up to 4 controllers at once for games like Super Off-Road. I thought it would be cool if this was part of the actual machine and not a plug in. I spent most of the time on this project finding room for this while still maintaining a somewhat stock appearance. You’ll notice on front that I also covered the spot where the controllers originally plugged in, to give it that clean shaved appearance.
Lastly, I wanted to repaint the machine with Mario themed colors. I painted the top red, the bottom blue, and the buttons black. I even masked off the original labels underneath so if you look at the bottom is somewhat stock appearing. I also went with a blue power LED to match the blue bottom. I performed the mod to be able to play unlicensed games and also you eliminate the stupid flashing if the game is a little dirty. The machine is fully functioning and plays like a dream.



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    May be a silly question but what tool did you use to cut out the mushroom shape? Thanks looks awesome!

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    I did a similar mod a few months ago. I used a dremel to do the rough cut of the shape. Then I used a file tool get closer and finally Made the final polishing with sand paper.

    Will you send me pictures of the inside please

    Have you looked at my instructable yet please respond

    Cool I also like the paint job. Have you seen my instruct able about painting the nes you should look at the pictures sometime

    I cut the circuit board down to fit. I also cut the plastic face plate of the the peripheral down to fit. I had to remove some of the extra stuff inside the console that wasn't really necessary. I model glued the two halves together , filled with filler from the hobby store and sanded. Then paint. It took quite awhile to make it fit can still disassemble the console into two halves like stock. There is a lot of stuff crammed into that box.

    I like the LED's inside. Did you take pictures of the build to make a step-by-step?