Step 7: Diffusers and Plastic Inlays

Unfortunately, the flat-top LEDs aren't quite enough to diffuse the light, so additional diffusing is required.  I added two diffusers; a layer of ordinary printer paper, and frosting on the underside of the plastic.

To frost the glass, I used Rustoleum "Frosted Glass" spray paint.  This is entirely unnecessary; sanding the plastic will work just as well.  Whichever method you use, make sure you spray/sand the underside of the plastic.  That is, the side that will eventually be glued down.  The shiny side of the plastic should be visible.

To make the paper diffusers, I simply traced the outlines of the plastic pieces onto white paper, and cut them out slightly smaller than the plastic.

With the frosting and paper diffusers complete, everything can be mounted onto the star frame.  Glue the paper diffusers in first, by applying a thin layer of white glue to the ledge and then carefully placing the paper in place.  Glue in the plastic inlays next, by applying glue to the edge of the ledge only and carefully placing the plastic.  Use white glue or epoxy for this; it doesn't really matter which.  Just don't use too much - ideally, the glue should not be visible, and should not squeeze out.