Introduction: Custom Paint an Xbox 360 Controller

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Give your controller a personal touch. Do you want to add some color without having to go out and spend 60 bux on a new controller or maybe don't like the choices Microsoft gave you. I am here to help you personalize your controller while still keeping it usable.

Step 1: Supplies

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Some basic materials required:

Xbox 360 controller (duh)

T8H Screwdriver (or a T8 screwdriver and a watch flat head screwdriver. There is another instructible about this)

Spray Paint in the Main colors (try to get the kind I used, but there should be others that work on plastic as well)

Masking tape

Model Paint for details (I used Citadel Paint but anything should work)


Glasses cleaner (not needed if the controller is new or fairly new)

A general Idea of what you want done

Patience (I picked up my controller too soon after adding the second color and it came off on my finger so I now have a black spot on the back)

Step 2: Brainstorm

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Think of an idea for what you want to do BEFORE you do it. Nothing too specific. You can tweak what you want later.

Step 3: Open and Remove

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Unscrew the 7 screws on the back of the controller and remove EVERYTHING!!! The D-Pad will require two more phillips head screws to be taken out and having a second person will help with the removal. There are two little tabs you have to push back in order to get it out.

Step 4: Paint

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Use the glasses cleaners to get all the gunk off your controller.

Once your controller is nice and clean, Spray on the first color. Once that is dry, add tape wherever you want that color to be visible. Then spray your next color. Repeat as necessary.

Step 5: Detail, Detail, Detail

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Now is the fun (or annoying depending on who you are) part. Use the model paint and brushes to add any little details and to paint the triggers.

I added blood, green dots, and the words FATAL BLOW to my controller as well as triggers and bumpers each getting their own color.

Have fun p3wning the n00bs with your new amazing controller!!!

Step 6: SEAL!!!

I forgot to add this and as a result, a good half of the paint came off of my controller. Once you have painted it, make sure to put at least one coat of a clear finish.


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dmadru (author)2011-03-03

I Made It. Duke Nukem FTW!

ironmanandy (author)2010-08-03

how do you paint the triggers?

Volgon (author)ironmanandy2010-08-03

Heh, shoulda said something about that. I paint warhammer models regularly, and i used the brushes and paints from that to paint them while they were still attached to the circuit board.

ironmanandy (author)Volgon2010-08-03

oh, that woulda been easier, i wound up looking on youtube and tookk them apart. thanks for the stripes idea, i copied thtat but with all black for the controller and green for the stripes and triggers\bumpers

Another option would be to completely cover the rest of the circuit board with masking tape then hit the triggers with your spray paint of choice

TheBackyardInventer (author)2009-08-06

lol its pwn not p3wn

i has an gun it goes p3w p3w p3w?

starky1089 (author)2009-09-22

im sorry but that is a pretty bad job u did on that controller

Valeil (author)starky10892010-07-14

The truth hurts sometimes ): lol its not a terrible job

vaderBS245 (author)2010-03-31

 wats the program u have, i need it

MooseSourberry (author)2009-10-03

Clear coat glossy is the best i would say if you are going for a shine, but flat could work as well. Krylon fusion has recently(ish) come out with a new clear coat finish for plastic! so if you can find that is best, but anything can do it really.

MooseSourberry (author)2009-10-03

See.. here is where you went wrong, no offense. But you used masking tape instead of painters tape and it seeped through very badly. Also, no matter what, you are suppsed to put on the lighter coat before the darker( it really wouldn't have been very hard) but in the end, you would have had many to have done many less coats of the orange..ish color to do.. and clear coating is a must! Several clear coats, really.

Shadowfury (author)2009-06-30

I'm going to recommend you pick up some Dupli-Color Adhesion Promoter, even though you're using Krylon Fusion. Simply spray three coats of Adhesion Promoter on the controller after sanding and washing it. It helps the paint stick. Other than that, good instructable.

colten36 (author)2009-06-15

what is this program

Volgon (author)colten362009-06-15

I used Adobe After Effects, but that is a video editing program. I am just more fluent in that than Photoshop.

redstarsrbija (author)2009-05-12

jeez this is crude. i would recommend everyone planning on painting their xbox controllers to sand the surface with 400 sandpaper to leave a good surface for the paint to stick. primer would also be a good idea. clear coat is a must.

Thepage (author)2009-05-05

This inspired me to paint my "old" xbox controller check it out here

SmexyNess (author)2009-03-31

at first i thought that you sucked at painting it but with a closer look it has a very cool rugged beat up look. good job

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