My first instructable; on how to custom paint your PS3 controllers. Thanks for checking it out.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

First, you're gonna want to gather all the materials you need... PS3 controller, small philipshead(+) screwdriver, small flathead (-) screwdriver, toothbrush, utility knife, painter's tape, ziplock bag, latex gloves, any colors of spray paint you want
<p>Thanks man! I made it! But i ran into some problem but i fixed it. So thanks man!</p><p>Here is the final product. I know it's not great but it's my first time!</p><p>Again. Thanks man!</p>
That looks sweet! I might actually make one like that myself! What paint did you use?
<p>Hi ! How do you paint the controller to make him have like shiny sprinkle (I dont know how it called ) Just like your pictures below.</p><p>&amp; thank you very much ! </p>
It's a special type of spray paint. The green one was something my dad had leftover when he painted the bed cap for his truck. The bronze one was a rustoleum metallics with a grain like texture to it. Really neat effects
I love the white and red one at the bottom.

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