Picture of Custom Painted Tack Box

This instructable explains how I custom painted a tack box for my nephew to use at our county's youth fair every year. The animals I chose to showcase in the painting are the breeds he exhibits during fair week.


- Wood tack box

- interior latex paint (brown outside, orange inside)

- design template

- chalk, masking tape, ball point pen, permanent marker and paint brushes

- acrylic paints

- polyurethane

teddiw195719 days ago

That is a great job and gives me an idea for a horse crazy granddaughter.

Stunning!I love how you used a technique even the art-challenged could use successfully.

Fantastic job! The animals look so realistic!

Amazing paint job! Great work! :)

troberts8 (author)  doodlecraft1 year ago

Thank you! I am proud of it ;)