Custom Parachute Men





Introduction: Custom Parachute Men

A qucik way to make cheap parachut toys a little bity cooler, fast and easy.

Just detach the existing figure from parachute and replace with something better. You can use rubber bands to attach new figures, such as the ones shown in the picture.

Don't get on my case about this being stupid and not "a real instructable", I already know that it isn't complicated or super super cool, it's just something to do when things get really boring.

Also, I am working on a good way to luanch parachutes, since it is often hard to throw them and get a good flight.--done...check it out

**if you do not have any parachute figures such as these, you can easily make them with little plastic figures as shown, string, and garbage bag....cut the garbage bag into perfect circle...i used a big pretzel container lid as a stencil....punch holes in the bag where the corners would be if it were a square and attch to plastic figure...enjoy!



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    Or, you could bend a piece of wire into a little man, and bend his arms around the handles of a Walmart /Kroger /Target /Meijer shopping bag.

    sofa king wetodded

    this is sooooo not an good instructables man it is so stupid joking good idea

    SWEET! I've always wanted to make a home-made version, i'm pretty sure there is more hen one way to do it though! Nice Instructable! ~Shifrin


    there is an instructable on how to make your own action figures you can find it here

    preety kool idea but wtf were u thinking putting maggie simpson on there

    1 reply

    haha idk im a bored person with with random plastic figures, what did you think?

    yea man do an instructable on a parachute man launcher. I loved these things as a kid!

    1 reply

    i already have made an instructable on how to launch them. its pretty good but as simple as it is it needs to be done carefully and well or it just doesnt really work. but if you make it well it is worth it. you can see this instructable by going to my profile thing and youll know it when you see it.

    awsome... just add an instructable on how to make a parachute and the aerodynamics of one... (etc)

    2 replies

    check my other parachut instructable...

    hmmm that may be over my head, you should try (or dont idc) i just buy em or win em and amusement parks or arcades...