I have a new truck that's a stick shift. I love my new truck! Unfortunately, it has a long clutch. In order for me to fully depress the clutch, I have to adjust my seat uncomfortably close to the steering wheel making the gas and break pedals a little awkward.

After some research, it seemed my choices were between 'pedals in traction' looking extension (which were expensive!) or a block of wood wrapped in duct tape. I wasn't satisfied with either of these options...

This is my solution.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

I did not want to drill into my clutch pedal. Instead I chose to use pedal covers from AutoZone. A side benefit is that it adds a cool, custom touch.

The Materials used:

Pilot Automotive 3 Pedal Cover Kit ($12.99)

14"x 5" of lacing leather (scraps on ebay for about $6.99)

(4) 2" screws with nuts and washers (sized from the kit)

(3) 1 1/4" screws with nuts and washers

3"x 3" piece of scrap metal (cut this off of a defunked pressure washer)

The Tools used:

Spray Primer

Spray Paint (Black)

Contact Cement (Barge)

Shoe Polish (Black)

Polishing Brush (or Cloth)



Utility Knife

Heavy Sheers (or Scissors)

Standard Screw Driver

Philips Screw Driver


Clutch Pedal Cover (to use as template)

Additional Tools:


Electric Metal Sheers

Band Saw or Jig Saw

<p>Great fix! These look very nice!</p>
<p>Thank you! </p>

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