Step 7: Make the Scabbard

To make a scabbard for your sword start with a large piece of cardboard. It should be at least three times the with of your sword and six inches longer. Trace the outline of the blade on the card board. If there are any projections or jagged edges on your blade trace from tip to tip and ignore th gaps. This will make it so the blade can slide easily. Cut out the outline and use the inside piece as a template to make another identical side piece. Before you continue, take a long piece of cardboard and make a strip of as wide as the foam is thick at its thickest point. The strip should be taped along the blade edge of the scabbard perpendicular to the side piece. using the same method attach the other side. Now take a long strip of duck tape and put is sticky side up along the open edge of the scabbard. using smaller pieces attach the tape to the sides of the scabbard to make a "roof."   This "roof" can also be made with another strip of cardboard. The sword should now be able slide in and out of the scabbard. To finish the scabbard either ad a belt loop or a shoulder strap or both!