Picture of Custom Potted Plant from TechShop
Purpose: Re-purpose salvaged materials to add a unique feature to your garden.

Tools: virtually none
Materials: old washer drum, spray paint, rocks, dirt, plants and light

Step 1: Salvage Operation

Picture of Salvage Operation
Easily the trickiest part of the process, finding scrap materials to use can be a challenge.  If you have an idea in mind, there are ways to hunt down specific items, but otherwise is it is a state of mind where you need to be creatively awake and alert.  I have been wanting to upgrade my garden for a while, but didn't have any specifics locked down yet as I am still brainstorming ideas.

One day, just hanging out at TechShop, this old washer drum pretty much found me.  Someone had left this back by the metal scrap bin earlier that morning, and I knew it would make a perfect funky planter (and subsequently save me ~$80).

Don't look at objects as they are, but as they could be.
Judith7563 years ago
I actually have a dead washer, yeah, I love going to the laundry now...sigh. Rather than just set the whole thing out for the recycle people, I do believe I will take that sucker apart and recycle a bit of it myself. Thanks. Great idea!!!!
jmray3 years ago
Planters that size are so expensive and this would have such good drainage. I'll keep this instrucable in mind - thank you.
techshop_android (author)  jmray3 years ago
I thought the same thing. I love authentic materials and when I saw the cost for pots my jaw dropped. "You gotta be kidding me... I can do better than that." It's also amazing what a little paint can do.
PeckLauros3 years ago
Nice color!
Few Bits3 years ago
So much win.
I absolutely love the color! Fantastic reuse. :D