I watch movies and television shows on my projector, but I wanted to get it off the table and out of the way. Using scrap materials I built this stylish and highly adjustable mount in an afternoon.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Portable Bandsaw

Grinder (bench or angle)

Drill Press


Various bits of angle, plate and channel, all in hot rolled steel.

Miscellaneous 1/4-20 hardware


Hardware to attach the projector to the mount- I used M3 screws.

Step 2: Cutting the Material

Using whatever was on hand, I cut the material and ground all the edges smooth.

Step 3: Weld It Together

I used a TIG welder, but you can use whatever is available and you feel comfortable with.

Step 4: Mount It

I used two existing 3/4" studs that were protruding from the beam in my living room.

<p>Nice, clean and simple. I love seeing custom welded stuff like this. Thank you for sharing!</p>

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