Picture of Custom RC Pipe
Here is a project that I did a few years ago and now decided to show it to you!

It is quite cheap and easy to build and does not require a lot of sklls. On top of this, the result is fun and very enjoyable.

Let's make RC pipes, people!
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Step 1: Idea

Picture of Idea
The idea is to mix all the components you see here and make the Pipe controlled - an RC Pipe!

You can use a variety of cordless drills for example. The same is with the wheels and the pipe. It could be shorter or with a bigger diameter. It all depends on how you want it to be.

I used two medium sized drills - some cheap ones to be honest. They were powered with 12V batteries one of which is in the RC Pipe.

Step 2: Battery

Picture of Battery
Here is the battery from one of the drills. I have wound some tape around to make the pack a bit stronger. 

Newer drills may have smaller and lighter batteris that may be Lithium - this is not bad. In my case it is Ni-Mh. It gives around 30-40 minutes of spinning the pipe around. The recharging time is around 3 hours.

The battery ends had some wholes in them and I used two screws to place all the cables on them.

Step 3: Transmitter

Picture of Transmitter
The transmitter will need just a little bit of modification.

In order to easily control the RC Pipe, I decided to extend the controls using 4 pish-bittons. The green ones give one direction, the red ones give the other direction. It was easy to drill four holes and solder eight wires making the new controlls in parallel with the standard ones.

For example the left pair of buttons: Green one is soldered to Front leaver direction; Red one is soldered to Rear leaver direction. The right pair of buttons corresponds to the left/right leaver. 

At this step it is not important which one is which, just do not mix the leavers. You will always be able to switch the Green/Red buttons.
d3h3 years ago
my wookie2 years ago
wouldn't it be easier to use commercial RC stuff (like 360 servos?)
hertzgamma (author)  my wookie2 years ago
Definitely yes, it's just the whole idea. It is possible to do it with servos as well as with motors.
wfelix3 years ago
very good idea!
The tail may be a little whell too, to minimize the friction.
imakethings3 years ago
Very good! i had made a mechanical version of this in my childhood using a rubber band..!