Step 8: Make More!

If you enjoyed making your mini, make more! I've made some for all the other members of my D&D group including their new characters after they died and alternate versions of my character who was recently zombified and a flaming sphere. Here are a few with the hopes that they inspire some of you!
daximos4 years ago
made one of these today, took a while to get it right but i was really happy with it.
great instructable, thank you
spiralbound4 years ago
You have a good thing going here, keep at it! From everything I've read, you'll eventually hit a ceiling with what sculpy can do, after which you'll need to switch to the green stuff. Apparently, if you want the best details in your minis, green stuff is the way to go. I personally don't know about this myself, but your instructable is very inspiring! I think I'll have to get some sculpy of my own!
GreatAssGoblin (author)  spiralbound4 years ago
Thanks for the comment! It's actually surprising how much you can do with sculpy. Since I posted this instructable I've gotten quite a bit better and am now able to do a lot more detailed work than previously! Practice really does help! So far the only limitation I've encountered with super sculpey is the brittleness. A few of my minis have suffered some damage when dropped a few times from a table. I expect that green stuff is probably a lot more resilient and maybe I'll give it a try if I have too much money lying around for some reason :P
omegpirate4 years ago
Flaming sphere looks great. you have a great eye for flames