In this Instructable you will learn how to design and construct your own custom reupholstered bicycle saddle out of genuine leather. More advanced instructions will teach you how to add perforations to your embossed logo, as depicted. General instructions will teach you how to emboss a personalized logo without perforations. This Instructable includes text, supplemental audio, images with text, and support video.

If you've been digging in the bins at your local cycling cooperative and your used five dollar saddle needs a little love?

If your favorite saddle for years has been tattered by wear and tear?

If you just purchased a new frame and need to personalize the saddle it came with?

If you just invested in a custom frame and are considering other ways to make your bike unique?

If your plastic cover does not breath and is causing chaffing to your privates?

After this Instructable you will be able to:

  • Deconstruct an existing saddle.
  • Prep a saddle for reupholstery.
  • Design a unique surface for your saddle.
  • Create a pattern for your saddle.
  • Cut and punch your new cover.
  • Apply and adhere your new cover.

Topics include:

  • Deconstruction.
  • Surface and Graphic Design.
  • Pattern Making.
  • Subtraction Fabrication.
  • Prototyping.


  1. 1-3 oz Vegetan Leather.
  2. 1-2 oz Black Apparel Leather.


  1. Saddle.
  2. Barge Cement, or equivalent.
  3. Rubber Cement, or equivalent.
  4. Masking Tape.
  5. Transparent Paper, or equivalent.
  6. Cleaning Alchohol, or equivalent.
  7. *Paint


  1. Screw Drivers; flat, phillips,
  2. Allen Head.
  3. Pliers.
  4. Exacto Knife, with new blade.
  5. Ruler, preferably metal.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Computer/Printer
  8. *Rotary Cutter.
  9. *Hole Punch.
  10. *Mallet or Hammer.

*Needed for more advanced designs.

Step 1: Your Tools, Supplies, Materials

A cutting board is always nice because it preserves your blades and the surface in which you are cutting. A scrap piece of card board is fine too. Art stores generally have both.

A good exacto knife always comes in handy. You can get them at most art stores. Make sure to use a brand new blade.

Hole punch is necessary if you want your designs to have perforations. Tandy's Leather has plenty to choose from. http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/en-usd/home/hom...

Rotary blades make cutting leather very easy. But for this project a good pair of scissors will be fine.

Pliers, and screw drivers are a staple in every house hold. You may need to look for smaller versions of both.

A good pair of scissors should not be difficult to find either.

Trace paper is carried in most art stores. But a legal size scrap of paper that is transparent will work fine too.

Sharpies, or equivalent, could be found in most homes….somewhere.

Barge Cement can be found at hardware stores and Tandy's. It is the strongest and most appropriate I've found so far.

If you want to paint your perforations Tandy's sells good water based paints that adhere to vegetan leather well. Your new cover will be black. You can decide on paint color once you start working on designs.

Rubber cement can be found at Tandy's and is found at most art stores.

Cheap masking tape will do just fine.

You might need a phillips head and/or allen head as well. It all depends on the type of saddle you chose.

Alcohol or similar cleaning agent will be necessary. I prefer Bestine. You might want to test it before fully applying. Chemicals like Goof Off can destroy materials.

Most leather retailers will have scraps. Order or buy a small piece of vegetan leather scrap. Maybe a few pieces larger than 6x6". Make sure it is thin, about 1-3oz. Your new leather cover should be apparel grade, 1-2oz. Black cow is the easiest color to start with.

<p>Cool, but....</p><p>How creepy is it to ride a bike with an alien peering up my butt?</p><p>I'm just sayin'......</p>
<p>I'm hosting an onsite class at Berkeley's Missing Link Bike store on Sept 20th. Click below for details&hellip;</p><p><a href="http://www.mcbsuture.com/events/fabricating-your-custom-saddle" rel="nofollow">http://www.mcbsuture.com/events/fabricating-your-c...</a></p>
<p>A few of you have contacted me directly about purchasing materials. Small pieces of leather can be difficult to buy and whole hides are expensive. Look into goat skin at Tandy's which is thin, strong and very easy to work with, and the hides are smaller and less expensive. I can also sell you a pieces of anything you might need if you are really struggling. Contact me at mark@indiarose.com</p><p>Oh, and I may be generating kits some time in August. I often teach onsite classes and will provide all materials, tools and supplies. Happy to do extras if you are interested. Just let me know. MCB</p>
<p>A concept sketch for those of you who are a part of the rebel alliance (tie fighter not included). Click http://www.mcbsuture.com/new-page/ for more ideas.</p>
<p>I really did not expect this type of response. Thank you. Anyone interested in seeing more ideas click on mcbsuture.com</p><p>Post ideas for saddle (icons/logos/symbols?) and maybe I will create another Instructable for you (everyone).</p>
<p>very very nice, will definitely try to make one when I wil have enough time :) thank you for the idea !</p>
<p>These are all really beautiful! </p>
That looks great! How about the design being covered with EL paper instead of being painted? Light will shine through the perforations and you have a glowing bottom ;P
<p>Haha love it! And so appropriate since aliens have a habit of probing that area of the human body. ;D</p>
<p>Rule number one with encounters of the first kind: never squat on a UFO.</p>
best comment I've seen so far. keep it up.<br>
<p>Oh goodness. I will never sell it now. </p>
<p>You should enter this in the leather working contest https://www.instructables.com/contest/leatherworking/</p>
<p>Thank you. Hopefully it will make the cut in the next few days. Would love your vote.</p>
<p>Nice, this looks really cool! I love the alien face detail.</p>

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