Introduction: Custom Rubber Stamp

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This is a very simple project to make a special gift that's perfect for everyone!

Step 1: Materials

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  1. eraser or rubber
  2. something sharp or a carving tool
  3. a pencil

Step 2: The Pattern

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First decide on a pattern to make into a stamp. You can find a picture online, or make your own. It can be simple or complex, but the more complicated your design is, the harder it will be to carve. Once you have decided, lightly sketch it onto the rubber. Remember to draw it backwards so that when you stamp it will show up correctly.

Step 3: Carving

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Now, before carving, decide which parts of your stamp you want to be in ink and which parts you want the paper to show through. If you're making a heart for instance, you can either carve out the heart and all the space inside of it, just carve the outline, or carve the background out. Remember, the part you don't carve is the part that will show up when stamping, and always carve away from yourself.

Step 4: Handle

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You can also add a handle to your stamp by cutting off the end of an old lint roller and gluing the stamp on! Sorry I have no pictures of the process, but I used an x-acto knife to cut and glued with hot glue.


CharlieA11 (author)2016-02-04

Thats awesome Clammy!

Magzzee (author)2015-12-23

Very nice stamp. Thanks for posting, may try to make some.

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