Picture of Custom Shelving for Garage
I have a one car garage. It had some wall mounted shelves in place when I bought the house. When I bought a Honda Pilot, I had to take down some shelves to get more clearance on the sides. I wanted to reclaim some storage space but when I looked at ready-made shelving, I found them to be too deep for my purpose. Pretty much everything I wanted to store in this shelf measured at less than 8" thick (fertilizer bags, paint cans, lawn, garden and auto chemicals etc.). So I decided to build one to my specifications. I decided on a 4' wide X 6' tall, 6 tier shelf based on available space. You can use this information to build your own custom shelving on similar lines.

I wanted to use as much precut wood as possible. I chose 1" thick white wood (cheap, untreated soft-woods like Pine) for construction. My calculations showed that at 4' width, the shelves would sag with heavy loads. So I decided to add edge strips to increase the rigidity.

I used the sag calculator at http://www.woodbin.com/calcs/sagulator.htm

Design Details:

To make sure I wasn't missing anything, I made a sketch for the shelf unit. The bottom shelf is mounted at 9.5" so that I can use the space underneath as well. The sketch shows the spacing between (lower surfaces of) individual shelves. I wanted 16 inches to accommodate the fertilizer bags. The top shelf is mounted closest to the top. I decided to have edge-support strips on both edges for the 1st, 2nd, and the top shelf. All other shelves are supported only on the front. The little rectangles you see below each end of a shelf are end supports. This will become clear in step 2. Note that because of the edge supports, frontal spacing between shelves is less by 1.5". The back is open as I have installed it flush to the wall.
ChipUser (author) 2 years ago
Hi Hobbler,

Sorry about the delay in replying. I used Microsoft Visio for the drawing. Thanks for your comment.
Hobbler2 years ago
Great instructions. Very detailed. I love the drawing in the first picture.......what software did you use for that?
Scammah6 years ago
Kudos very thorough instructions.