Introduction: Custom Silver Cables Audio/Digital/High Frequency/GPS

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With many new audio/video mods and new devices, both audio for ipod and now digital for video we must hook up our systems to new devices with more complex cables. Some very expensive...
These are must have components & materials for build projects:

3.5mm Headphone to dual L/R RCA stereo connectors (for stereo Amps)

3.5mm to 3.5mm audio extension cable (CMoy amp inputs)

iPod dock connectors (30 pin) to 9v "snap" connectors (power)

3.5mm audio headphone to 1/4" stereo headphones

pfranc GPS connectors for Garmin and USB/Serial adaptors custom cables from pfranc

Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts

I use solid silver cables or wires

Custom audio connectors 3.5mm 1/4" and dock connectors (30pin)

pfranc GPS cables (Purple) POP project cables/connectors.

Techflex covers

Shrinkwrap & teflon conductor covers

Silver solder

Temp controlled solder station

heat gun

Step 2: Prep Work

Picture of Prep Work

strip and tin cables or wires

tin connectors

measure and hot knife Techflex

dry fit shrink wrap

Step 3: Dry Fit

Picture of Dry Fit

Check for length

twist wires or braid

Use pre-made cables or CAT-5 TP

Slide on shrink wrap (all white for iPod)

"fold" Techflex or hot knife ends to 'finish'

Step 4: Solder

Picture of Solder

30w solder gun

Silver solder for audio connections

Solder Ground, left & right for audio

Solder Ground to pins 29/30 on Dock and V+ power to pins 19/20 for Firewire

Black to black & red to red or any two colors for audio L/R sheilding to ground

Step 5: Fit and Finish

Picture of Fit and Finish

Fit connectors together tight

Hot glue stress points

Slide up shrink wrap

Fit shrink wrap over joins

....glue or cable tie techflex ends


Step 6: Finish

Picture of Finish

Heat shrink wrap, flame or HOT hair dryer

Cable tie loose ends

Step 7: Test Connections and Solder

Picture of Test Connections and Solder

Use a meter to confirm joins again...

Attach and enjoy!


theRIAA (author)2006-07-09

i hate how every audio connector is just for the iPod when it will work fine with any mp3 player, or CD player. you go to the store and now all they have is "iPod connectors", or "iPod ready" cables.

dfc849 (author)theRIAA2006-08-15


baneat (author)dfc8492008-08-06

This is got to be the most blatantly biased apple fanboyistic comment I have ever seen.. ever. And I guess you use the white earbuds that came with it and rave about the excellent quality of the sound coming from it? Probably. The 2GB capacity doesn't matter to you either because you only have 6 flavour of the month songs you recorded off speakers with a mobile phone and transferred at 16kbps. This coming from the owner of an iPod, by the way.

dfc849 (author)baneat2008-08-06

I'm sorry, that comment was clearly quite rude and upsetting. I realize now that Instructables is a community for creative, cool projects to have fun and play around with. I actually never use my iPod anymore, and is broke. I listen to all of my music on a 4GB SDHC card in my HTC Mogul. Usually rip CD's at 192kbps and listen to mostly hits of the 70's and 80's. By the way, I'm also 14 years old.

Roflolommo (author)dfc8492009-12-26

lol two years almost to the day.

erckgillis (author)Roflolommo2009-12-28

Two years is just a blink of time....geological speaking.

baneat (author)dfc8492008-12-08

Well, anyway, you're on instructables, fix it! :D also, put rockbox on it for more fun.

manmelvin (author)dfc8492007-07-09

dude get an mp3 u dont have 2 pay for music or get limewire or anything. mp3 is the standard format for most things

old_bass_masta (author)manmelvin2008-11-06

but thats illegal :P

dfc849 (author)old_bass_masta2008-11-06

P2P is perfectly legal. Applications/uses of the product can be illegal. E.g., downloading copyrighted material or illegal files.

old_bass_masta (author)dfc8492008-11-06

but he specified not paying for music on it.

froggyman (author)old_bass_masta2008-11-13

lol iPods can play mp3's, wav's and just about everything else with the exception of wmp, and anyways who likes windows anyway

old_bass_masta (author)froggyman2008-11-13

Cant play ogg or alot of other stuff. iLinux

baneat (author)old_bass_masta2008-12-08

Yeah, preferably I would get a format like that but the Touch doesn't have rockbox so I'm stuck with MP3 as of now.

froggyman (author)baneat2008-12-08

Yeah i would have to agree that iPod linux and Rockbox take the cake when it comes to everything with DAPs, I mean honestly it offers so much more stuff than apple, and I even experience a much more stable OS with rockbox (can't say the same with linux) compared to apples on my 5.5G video.

I just wish apple (along with other big companies) would release their source code for the puposes of debugging by us devolpers (not that ms-windows needs any debugging) lol, Also with the release of the source code Rockbox would be able to fix its only fault, lower battery life when playing music.

LkArio (author)froggyman2009-11-17

The only advantage of iPods is that some come with hundreds of gigabytes of storage. If 4GB is enough, a sansa fuze will do the job just fine... for less (about $90?)

Redgerr (author)dfc8492008-07-21

idc that this is an old post lol-- look:)

Derin (author)Redgerr2008-11-06
crabs (author)dfc8492006-08-22

By ouplay you mean what exactly? In every response to that question there is a better player out there. ~also an owner of a 2gb ipod nano.

ARVash (author)crabs2006-10-21

quite true. Ipod merely marketed well. doesn't mean it will "outplay any mp3 player" (in all caps)

ratgod (author)theRIAA2008-05-05

It's nearly as bad as a pair of speakers that are Windows compatible

froggyman (author)ratgod2008-11-13

you mean you dont have to get speakers for a windows computer that are windows compatible, and speant the extra $100 for them why!!!! lol just kidding i know what you mean.

erckgillis (author)theRIAA2006-07-09

So true, all these cables work just as well on my PSP!...Apple hype...and good commercials

PSPerson (author)erckgillis2006-07-10

PLEASE POST UR PIX! I love my psp and want to see what u did!

Derin (author)PSPerson2008-03-18

u know...i found how to plug stereo in a psp

Redgerr (author)Derin2008-07-20

his post was in 2006 his views might have changed lol :)

erckgillis (author)PSPerson2006-08-17

Get me some of the PSP 6pin+3.5mm audio connectors...then I could make some great cables...!

Derin (author)erckgillis2008-07-18

you dont need the rectangular one,i tried :(

Yerboogieman (author)theRIAA2008-02-29

yeah, really

erckgillis (author)theRIAA2007-07-09

dude, ipods outsold mp3 players by 44 sales 100million worldside....the vernacular is 'ipod' and not "MP3 player" even for non-ipods and look-a-likes! ...also this thread is 9 months old now... (author)2008-11-05

Hi. Your attention to detail is really superb. However I'm not sure what you ended up with. Is this some kind of super connector or what?

he made cables too connect the audio from one device to another. Such as an ipod to an eternal amp or speaker.

indofulioh (author)2008-12-08

how do you know which color is left and right?????

indofulioh (author)2008-12-03

Nice cables. Where did you buy yours? I'm interested in recabling some headphones like my koss ksc75s.

baneat (author)indofulioh2008-12-08

Nice headphones but if you don't need ultraportability the money would be much better spent on a new set of Grados or something similar. That cable is a damn nice IC, though, I'll give you that.

indofulioh (author)baneat2008-12-08

yea ive been looking to get the sr60s because of all ive heard about the "Grado Sound" or maybe the sr80s when i get an amp. But i just decked out money for some akg k81s. Looking the recable those in the future too, after i get bored with them. I just burned in like 60 hours in it. Still too much bass though, i think im gonna take out the foam inside.

Redgerr (author)2008-07-20

thats prety darn cool-- impressive too lol :)

rjones3 (author)2006-07-10

Nice craftmanship on the cables. But I must say, does it *sound* better?

erckgillis (author)rjones32006-07-10

Not unless you get some High Quality audiophile headphones...then tones can be heard. Besides custom sizes, colors and lengths are as good for ease of use as the sound...As with any Digital to analog conversion some signal is lost via the connections...minimize this and the power, sound and quality is better, reduce noice and interference and you improve sound...if you can decern it or not...

Kurt Vonnegut (author)erckgillis2008-02-14

Actually, as far as the audio quality goes, "High Quality audiophile cables" make no difference. The main thing that changes the quality of signal over a cable (and the cable must be over 10 feet for the difference to be noticeable) is the connection type. In other words whether the connection is balanced or unbalanced. Sorry for the tirade, but I work in professional audio focusing on theatre and have had this pounded into my head by endless seminars on audio including a church-oriented one staring Bruce Lee(no, not a joke)

mikemmcmeans (author)2008-01-29

do you know the site where you got the serial-usb converter? 733t H4x0r

erckgillis (author)mikemmcmeans2008-01-30

franalpo (author)2006-08-15

where did u get the stereo connectors

erckgillis (author)franalpo2006-08-17

These are available from both Mouser and Jameco as well as others like Keystone Electronics etc...

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