Custom Silver cables Audio/Digital/High Frequency/GPS

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With many new audio/video mods and new devices, both audio for ipod and now digital for video we must hook up our systems to new devices with more complex cables. Some very expensive...
These are must have components & materials for build projects:

3.5mm Headphone to dual L/R RCA stereo connectors (for stereo Amps)

3.5mm to 3.5mm audio extension cable (CMoy amp inputs)

iPod dock connectors (30 pin) to 9v "snap" connectors (power)

3.5mm audio headphone to 1/4" stereo headphones

pfranc GPS connectors for Garmin and USB/Serial adaptors custom cables from pfranc

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Step 1: Parts

I use solid silver cables or wires

Custom audio connectors 3.5mm 1/4" and dock connectors (30pin)

pfranc GPS cables (Purple) POP project cables/connectors.

Techflex covers

Shrinkwrap & teflon conductor covers

Silver solder

Temp controlled solder station

heat gun

Step 2: Prep work

strip and tin cables or wires

tin connectors

measure and hot knife Techflex

dry fit shrink wrap

Step 3: Dry fit

Check for length

twist wires or braid

Use pre-made cables or CAT-5 TP

Slide on shrink wrap (all white for iPod)

"fold" Techflex or hot knife ends to 'finish'

Step 4: Solder

30w solder gun

Silver solder for audio connections

Solder Ground, left & right for audio

Solder Ground to pins 29/30 on Dock and V+ power to pins 19/20 for Firewire

Black to black & red to red or any two colors for audio L/R sheilding to ground

Step 5: Fit and finish

Fit connectors together tight

Hot glue stress points

Slide up shrink wrap

Fit shrink wrap over joins

....glue or cable tie techflex ends