Custom Skateboard Deck





Introduction: Custom Skateboard Deck

I made this Custom skateboard deck for a friend and did the design and everything all myself. He had a basic idea of what he wanted and I did everything else.

Step 1: Stencil

I started by looking at some triangle spirals and found the base image to start from and then drawed it out on to a skateboard stencil. I then had to cut out everywhere other than the blue lines to make the board possible.

Step 2: Start the Board

I started the board and sanded down the to board so that it would be good to be sprayed. I put a coat of primer on it and then another to make sure it was all covered and ready to be spray painted.

Step 3: First Colour and Prep

I sprayed the board a few thin coats black (to make sure it doesn't run) for its first main colour and then I waited for it to dry. I then layered it in masking tape so there were no gaps or air bubbles and put the stencil over it. I drew the stencil on the tape and made sure everything was perfect on the design so I could sell it and the customer (my friend) was happy with it. I then cut out all of the lines doing as little to no damage to the board.

Step 4: Second Colour and Finish

After all the tape was ready and I did the white spray paint. Again i did a few coats to make sure it was perfect. After waiting for it to dry, I carefully took off all the tape and looked to see how it was.

Finally, I put a coat of varnish on it to protect it from the elements and to give it a gloss finish.

Step 5: Conclusion

I think that this is a very good board and I know that the customer loves it and is very happy with it.



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    Awesome deck!!

    Aww man... It looks so nice... I couldn't skate that... Great project dude!

    That looks awesome! Where did you get that cool spiral from?

    just searched up random images on google then worked from there

    Thank you :)

    Damn. I would hang that board on my wall

    Yeah that's what my friend said he'd do if he wasn't going to use it :)