Step 3: Drilling

This skull is made of resin which despite feeling rock solid is actually really easy to drill. Ideally I would have used a Drill press but I don't have access to one so I had to do it by hand. Start quite slowly and stop if you think the bit is getting too hot. This bit needs to be really neat to look good so take your time and don't drill too deep. 

The flat bit will give you a nice starting point for the smaller drill bit. Use a regular HSS bit to make the smaller hole otherwise it might pop out of the top of the skull. Go slowly to avoid drilling right through. 

Neaten up the edges with a small needle file or sand paper. 
Dude, I love it! I assume your Kangaroo is blue but whatever the color I imagine it is a hit with all who see it. I like it so much I can't stand it. This is probably the coolest thing to ever happen to a Renault Kangoo, I bet it is the envy of all other Kangaroos out there. Great job amigo.
Ha Ha! Thanks for the appreciation! I actually made the blue one as a test and I'm about to make a replacement that will be red to match the hawaiian lei on my rear mirror. My Kangoo is grey but i've got a bit of a rat look/skate van thing going on....<br>here she is...<br><br>http://rat-look.com/wp-content/gallery/renault/kangoo001-9e29c1af54c51e9da6f58af5d45818d649550be9.jpg<br><br>I've seen one that had big fat deep dish alloys, wheel spacers and on top of that it was lowered. I can't afford any of that! <br>Glad you liked the instructable !

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