Picture of Custom Spanking Paddle
A few years ago I created a paddle so that when I hit someone with it, my name was branded on their skin temporarily. On the back side of the paddle I put a skull and cross bones. When I saw Skull-A-Day.com I knew I had to send in a picture of the paddle. People seemed to really enjoy it and I got a few emails asking me how I made it, so I decided, since I had a left over paddle (they come in sets of two) I decided I would make an Instructable so I could teach everyone how to make their own custom butt spanking machine.

For more degenerate fun, check me out over at drivenbyboredom.com.

Step 1: Print Your Design

Picture of Print Your Design
First you have to pick out a design and then print it so it fits on the paddle. I chose the Apple logo and the Power button logo because we are all geeks here and I felt it would be very appropriate.

If you want to use mine I have made them available here:

Apple Logo
Power Button

Some tips to consider:
- I learned with the first paddle I did that the smaller your make the image the better because I kept getting only half my name to stay in the skin. I would not make any image bigger than 3"x3"
- Everything comes out slightly smaller than you think. In my design I made the stem on the Apple bigger than it should be and I cut on the outside of the line.
- Make sure you print your logo BACKWARDS. As you can see from my Apple paddle, I forgot this important step so the brand is reversed. If you use my Apple, I flipped it already in the downloadable file above.

Its just a ping pong paddle isnt it?

Its just a ping pong paddle isnt it?

NotDave4 years ago
Were you able to leave any bruising with this paddle?
I say there are not enough butt shots.
Totally agree. I want to see more butts. Wait a minute... Siemore Butz! That guy that's been prank calling me!
macgeek5 years ago
"Spank Different"

you know this is the FIRST NSFW instructable I have ever seen!



 Point taken
KnexFreek5 years ago
 lol is that ur arm in the pic??
sharlston6 years ago
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *throws up*
spockck6 years ago
mmmm kinkyyy
shooby7 years ago
Butt is spelled with two t's. This is pretty funny, although I'd prefer to see a butt with no zits on it.
static shooby6 years ago
The butts next door more,often than not, have a zit on them. Not like this is playboy with airbrushed photos of Playboy models. :)
drivenbyboredom (author)  shooby7 years ago
wait, where did i spell it wrong?
so I could teach everyone how to make their own custom but spanking machine.
LOL next time you need a butt model, let me know he he. Will definitely be trying this when my husband comes home from the Gulf. Thanks for the idea :)
ortho7 years ago
nice bottom
Ward_Nox7 years ago
make sure to mirror flip the design or the welt will be backwards (like in the main pic)
drivenbyboredom (author)  Ward_Nox7 years ago
i mentioned that in the instructions...
yea sorry i noticed it b4 i read the Ible
rc jedi7 years ago
haha reminds me of monty python the holy grail. "spank me!"
mrbob10007 years ago
kinky... very kinky...
uguy7 years ago
Eric, what in the world is happening to Instructables?
Clever idea =]

I'm with Deus, though. You might want to add a disclaimer in the intro about the shots...not everybody likes that kind of thing.
HAHAHA that's rather hysterical, although the hind quarter pictures could use some, erm... photoshopping. And I think a disclaimer is in order too, just to keep the critics from whining too much. There has been a large influx of more risque 'ibles lately, which I think is great, keep it up! It's just some people are, well, prude :-P
I pretty much found this website because of it's currently "Offbeat" section, at the time it was titled something to the effect of "Think twice before trying it at home." Instructables thrives on free speech, stickin' it to the Man, and evading the traditional way of doing things (e.g. blatant capitalism). I think the moral standing where things are at right now, ranging from G approximately PG-13, is a good balance point.
mrbob10007 years ago
very nice, can we see the faces of the people?
ikoda7 years ago
Wow. This... How in the heck did you come up with something like this? xD
PetervG7 years ago
Nice asses
Doctor What7 years ago
Good instructable, but it could've done without the butt shots...
Ora7 years ago
This is quite amusing. One tip though: if you have an asymmetrical images, you should flip it so that when you hit the person with your paddle, the image is the way you want it to face.
reedz7 years ago