I have been wanting a new case for my Galaxy Tab 8.9 for awhile.  Sadly, the case market for anything besides the typical silicone/plastic cases are stupidly expensive.  I really didn't want to pay $100 for a case.  I got the idea of putting my Tab in a book.  I wanted to find an old Korean book, hollow it out and set it in.  Unfortuneately the 8.9" size is way too odd to find a corresponding book size so I decided to make my own.

Step 1: Where to begin then?

The toughest part was to figure out how to make the covers if I wanted to stay with a book-ish theme.  The obvious answer was cardboard.  Now, most people might be like "Just go to your local art supply store and buy the stuff." which is what I did but there is an added complication to this build.  I live in South Korea.  So things aren't exactly like back west.  Sure there are lots of art supply stores but finding things can be tough and of course my Korean isn't up to par just yet, so I am left with wandering the whole store seeing what might work.  I happened upon this fancy sketch pad that looked about right, I compared the size and found it to be perfect.  After seeing that, I grabbed the rest of my supplies and had a vision of how this would be done.
The words are upside down.
this looks great! I love the text on the book and the cutouts you did for all the connections
Thanks amandaghassaei! But I see from your stuff that you have done many things that I strive for! That 'almost' walking machine is brilliant! I also love Theo Jansen's demo on TED.
thanks! I really want to try 3d printing that and getting it to work (my downfall was trying to build it really really big). I'll be posting that project on instructables soon.

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