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I was tired of the old way of save my keys, then saw an image that inspired me, was a Swiss army knife, and as it was, I went and look for a piece of plate aluminium and a couple of screws, after a couple of drafts decided to change how to take my keys for a   more entertaining way, so i made this.

Step 1: Building Material

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what you need:
-keys... of course
-3 mm aluminum plate
-a couple of screws.
- a pair of nuts.
-bit and drill.
-hand saw.
-some washers.
-safety gloves... you'll see why.
- a little creativity, just a little.

Step 2: Let's Draw

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We must accommodate the keys in a comfortable position and that we like.
We will then create a template that will serve as a guide in the next step.

Step 3: Mark Parts

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what you need to do now is to cut the template.
- after mark guide on the piece points to cut the pattern that we have designed.
-the piece is cut and is drilled a couple of holes where the screws will go.
- finally have to smooth sharp edges.

Step 4: Assembly

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Now we must unite all, put the screws, put the keys, we separated with washers to facilitate movement, and we ended up!.
well, actually can do a lot more, like, polishing, anodizing, etc.
but for practical purposes, this is enough.
hope it helps (^_^). 


3366carlos (author)2013-12-03

looks nice. how much does it weigh?

HOWITZER (author)3366carlos2013-12-08

hi! ^_^, 91g

PKM (author)2013-07-22

This is a great idea- why don't we all have these? As soon as I find the bits I'm going to make one.

HOWITZER (author)PKM2013-08-11

Thank you for your comment ^_^, I'm glad you like it.

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