Lately the majority of my work is done on my laptop and trying to keep everything together (laptop, printer, scanner, portable drive, and various other needed accessories) I need a workstation that I can roll around the house to work with. I looked at several pre-fabricated workstations with the swivel capability, however most failed to meet every aspect I needed. Having wood scraps left over from my speaker box project and an 8ft L-channel steel I picked up from the dump someone threw away. I decided to try and build a custom workstation.

"Rotating Laptop Mobile Stand "

Step 1: Tools and Materials


While most of the wood and steel was scrap, there were a few parts and tools that were needed to complete the project.

Tools used:

Drill and/or drill press
Various drill bits
Circular saw
Steel cutting disks that fit a circular saw (Dewalt brand from Lowes)
Various saws (Miter saw, Table saw, Scroll saw)
Measuring tools (tape measure, calipers, ruler)
Small stick welder and rods (picked up off ebay for 30.00 F/S, all it needed was an electrode holder and clamp from Harbor Freight) you could skip this and bolt L-brackets as a substitute.

Materials used:
Bolt kit (from Harbor Freight)
Spring kit (from Harbor Freight)
Left over plastic block from previous project (picked up from local steel company real cheap: Kinmon steel)
3/8's threaded rod (from Tractor Supply company)
3/8's bolts and washers (from Tractor Supply company)
3/8's bushings (from Tractor Supply company)
Wood screws
Screw spacers or bushings
Piece of copper wire
1 ring terminal
4" Wheels (caster's from Harbor Freight, I think they were 2.99 a piece, left over from another project)
3M Super 777 Glue
Felt (left over from Speaker box project)

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