Picture of Custom Tech Deck Board
how to make a custom board for your skating pleasure
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Step 1: Get a board

Picture of get a board
to do this you need a board so you can make on like "power" does or mod an old one

Step 2: Sand it down

Picture of sand it down
sand down your board this might not be neccesary but I did it then i used a knife to make it even cleaner looking(picture 2)

Step 3: Next design your board

its best to do this on paper and not the board first if your stumped like i was you can make up a company if you have a printer(i don't) you can find some cool ones on google images if you search skate decks so i made up a company called HaZmAtKersplaT and has a logo you probably want a logo too mine was a hazard sign in a splat circle

Step 4: Pick your best

pick your favorite design mine was my company name and on the ends my logo

Step 5: Put it on the board

Picture of put it on the board
put paper on the board you could spray paint it but i have no spray paint so i glued paper to the board with loctite also i put on my wheels and stuff to get them the right space

Step 6:

put on your design and then clear coat it if you are unsatisfied you can multicoat it then sand to likeness

Step 7:

Picture of
Fineto! Finale! Done! Finished!
kctrooper5 years ago
takes a lomg time to take the bottom desing off the board to put the custom one on
Gage987 (author)  kctrooper5 years ago
Mine didn't. Are you using fine or rough sandpaper?
im using a knife
19samman985 years ago
howdy I like the idea but could you put a pic of the finished board thanks
bree115 years ago
thats random and thats what i call awsome. nice job on the name.
Gage987 (author)  bree115 years ago
yeah i have a blank youtube for it i have put it to the side for now i have to much to do and still have a company
lemonie6 years ago
I don't really know what this is showing us, because it isn't very clear. You seem to start with a decorated board and end up with an un-decorated pink one. I don't see "mine was my company name and on the ends my logo" in your last picture (Fineto! Finale! Done! Finished!)? L
you seem to like criticizing tech deck ibles
Try counting how many Tech Deck ibles I've commented on out of all 2709 comments, then review your comment above. L
yeah but when you count all the td ibles on the site then you've pout neg comments on all of them...maybe
I didn't think there were that few... L
Gage987 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
in the end it says to make a board design and then put it on so blah thats how mine was bit I have no pictures because I didn't like it so I smashed it and then burned it
lemonie Gage9876 years ago
Yea! Fire! L
NachoMahma6 years ago
. I agree with L - it really doesn't show/explain how to do anything and the pics are terrible. Flagged as incomplete.
. Good idea, just very poorly implemented.
Gage987 (author)  NachoMahma6 years ago
when you do this you are sanding and getting all the print off the bottom and then put yours on DUH!