Custom Tech Deck Board





Introduction: Custom Tech Deck Board

how to make a custom board for your skating pleasure

Step 1: Get a Board

to do this you need a board so you can make on like "power" does or mod an old one

Step 2: Sand It Down

sand down your board this might not be neccesary but I did it then i used a knife to make it even cleaner looking(picture 2)

Step 3: Next Design Your Board

its best to do this on paper and not the board first if your stumped like i was you can make up a company if you have a printer(i don't) you can find some cool ones on google images if you search skate decks so i made up a company called HaZmAtKersplaT and has a logo you probably want a logo too mine was a hazard sign in a splat circle

Step 4: Pick Your Best

pick your favorite design mine was my company name and on the ends my logo

Step 5: Put It on the Board

put paper on the board you could spray paint it but i have no spray paint so i glued paper to the board with loctite also i put on my wheels and stuff to get them the right space

Step 6:

put on your design and then clear coat it if you are unsatisfied you can multicoat it then sand to likeness

Step 7:

Fineto! Finale! Done! Finished!



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takes a lomg time to take the bottom desing off the board to put the custom one on

Mine didn't. Are you using fine or rough sandpaper?

howdy I like the idea but could you put a pic of the finished board thanks

thats random and thats what i call awsome. nice job on the name.

yeah i have a blank youtube for it i have put it to the side for now i have to much to do and still have a company

I don't really know what this is showing us, because it isn't very clear. You seem to start with a decorated board and end up with an un-decorated pink one. I don't see "mine was my company name and on the ends my logo" in your last picture (Fineto! Finale! Done! Finished!)? L

you seem to like criticizing tech deck ibles

Try counting how many Tech Deck ibles I've commented on out of all 2709 comments, then review your comment above. L

yeah but when you count all the td ibles on the site then you've pout neg comments on all of them...maybe