Picture of Custom Thin-walled Wood Boxes
I needed a custom small wood box, but the craft store boxes were expensive, poorly hinged, and not quite the size I wanted.  Here is an instructable to knock out boxes that can be stained, painted, or decoupaged to your hearts delight.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 Here are the tools and materials needed:

3mm Baltic Birch plywood
1/4" square wood strips

Power chop saw with 60-80 tooth carbide blade
Thin blade razor saw like X-Acto extra fine razor saw
Low tack masking tape like 3M blue tape
Wood glue like Titebond II
stain or paint

Figure out your outside dimensions. Be sure to add the width of a saw cut to the height if you will be sawing off the top to make a lid. Cutting the lid after gluing the box makes everything line up great.


thank you very useful post ....

anapet011 year ago
blueTabby3 years ago
sweet paint job
and thanks for the great/clear/insightful how-to~!
KarmaQ3 years ago
Thank you for this share. Been wanting to make a box similar to his for a while!
pfred23 years ago
You gave me an idea for an article I can post. Now I need new batteries for my camera.
ToyMaker3 years ago
Well done! The interiors of the boxes would be a bit cleaner if you cut the reinforcing pieces to an isosceles right triangle shape before installation.