EASY to make thumbsticks for controllers

Step 1: Materials

Water Balloons

Step 2: Cutting the Balloons

Cut the balloons a bit above 2 1/2 cm

Step 3: Slide Balloon Onto Thumbstick

Step 4: Enjoy

but i dont understand how to put it on if both sides of the baloon are opened up<br>
Jut cut it from the part that is opened alread
you use the tip of the balloon<br>
<p>I still don't get how to put it</p>
well. i am finally getting my xbox360 this week.(it only took 2 years!) and i will definetaly do this!
Nice! It will go well with my paint job :P
this is irrelevant but... practice safe lunch ... us a condiment
Wow, analog-stick condoms, never would have thought of that. Nice job!
Just for extra protection so you don't catch any diseases.
ROFL thankyou that can be my advertisement Thinking about your "joysticks" getting dirty then contaminating someone else use the ANALOG STICK CONDOMS you just slip them on then there sanitary
That's the spirit!!
always practice safe gaming. this is a pretty cool idea. I dont have any need for custom-colored joysticks, but it helps for those times you cant just get a grip
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