Custom Toa Nukana





Introduction: Custom Toa Nukana

Draakoraith was the closest to being 100% correct in my Bohrok quiz. Keep trying guys!

This guy is a very cool Toa - he looks cool and has an alt mode!

Step 1: Midsection

Step 2: Right Half

Step 3: Left Half

Step 4: Put It Together

Step 5: Alt Mode

This was not an intentional alt mode!



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We'll, I can see why you would be upset about it. But to me personally, to make a transformer out of bionicle Legos, is not as much of a challenge as making a transformer out of smaller, normal pieces. I don't understand why they stopped making them, it's just that I wasn't very interested in purchasing them, if it was a choice between buying bionicle Legos, and the normal ones, than I would go with he normal ones, because like I said, I like a challenges. I'm not trying to insult you're love of those type of Legos, I'm just saying that, they are not really my style.

You can probably buy more bionicle sets off of Amazon or eBay, or other sites that sell that type of stuff. (;



Hey viewers all! After building this guy, could you do me a favor and check out how to combine with a bohrok? Thx!