Draakoraith was the closest to being 100% correct in my Bohrok quiz. Keep trying guys!

This guy is a very cool Toa - he looks cool and has an alt mode!

Step 1: Midsection

Step 2: Right Half

Step 3: Left Half

Step 4: Put It Together

Step 5: Alt Mode

This was not an intentional alt mode!
I curse Lego for canceling it. I don't usually curse Lego.
<p>We'll, I can see why you would be upset about it. But to me personally, to make a transformer out of bionicle Legos, is not as much of a challenge as making a transformer out of smaller, normal pieces. I don't understand why they stopped making them, it's just that I wasn't very interested in purchasing them, if it was a choice between buying bionicle Legos, and the normal ones, than I would go with he normal ones, because like I said, I like a challenges. I'm not trying to insult you're love of those type of Legos, I'm just saying that, they are not really my style.</p><p>You can probably buy more bionicle sets off of Amazon or eBay, or other sites that sell that type of stuff. (;</p><p>Cheers!</p><p>-J.R.</p>
Hey viewers all! After building this guy, could you do me a favor and check out how to combine with a bohrok? Thx!
how much do you like bionicle

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