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So far:
Hi guys, I got a lot of requests for a gun tutorial, so here it is.

You will need:
Cardboard (Duh)
Sharp utensil
Something to draw with
And a plan

<p>cool, afraid to say it doesnt look much like a tommy gun but still cool</p>
<p>Thanks,I said &quot;Custom&quot;,just if you didn't realize that before</p>
Right, of course. As you said i didn't realize that before. I have just completed the drum magazine and plan to make the whole gun. Please do a tutorial on this and the other two guns. PS I see you like snow leopards.
<p>sorry for never finishing this gun... ._.</p><p>My mum threw all the pieces away....</p>
<p>Oh dear:-(</p>
<p>as in the tommy gun.</p>
<p>Cool, nice to see your making it :)</p><p>What other guns do you mean, the Marksman and L96A1?</p><p>PS Fav animal :)</p>
<p>OH, i don't know, any launcher you want to make, I really just want another tutorial.</p><p>no problem about my question. Sorry to have asked :)</p>
Ok :)
<p>oh yeah, i now see you have done the L96A1 . Also would you please make the parks grenade launcher! Faverate animal eh, then it may interest you to know that i am now staying in Darjeeling, a small town in the Himalayas where the local zoo has several snowleopards.</p>
Em, what grenade launcher are you talking about?<br><br>Oh, about the snow leopards,.....<br>.....THAT SOUNDS GREAT!!
<p>The heading on the pic just below the .35 long range rifle.</p><p>If you dont mind me asking, how old are you just because im very impressed at all your istructables.</p><p>PS just voted for you in the laser contest</p>
<p>Ok, but still, what grenade launcher are you talking about?</p><p>Sorry, i don't like giving my personal info away.</p><p>PS Thanks again :)</p>
<p>please check out 'thumb mounted pencil launcher' my first instructable</p>
Okie Doke
<p>They look great!</p>
<p>Thanks :P</p>

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