Custom Tommy Gun (Cardboard) DISCONTINUED Soz


Introduction: Custom Tommy Gun (Cardboard) DISCONTINUED Soz

(In progress)
So far:
Hi guys, I got a lot of requests for a gun tutorial, so here it is.

You will need:
Cardboard (Duh)
Sharp utensil
Something to draw with
And a plan



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    cool, afraid to say it doesnt look much like a tommy gun but still cool

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    Thanks,I said "Custom",just if you didn't realize that before

    Right, of course. As you said i didn't realize that before. I have just completed the drum magazine and plan to make the whole gun. Please do a tutorial on this and the other two guns. PS I see you like snow leopards.

    sorry for never finishing this gun... ._.

    My mum threw all the pieces away....

    Cool, nice to see your making it :)

    What other guns do you mean, the Marksman and L96A1?

    PS Fav animal :)

    OH, i don't know, any launcher you want to make, I really just want another tutorial.

    no problem about my question. Sorry to have asked :)

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    oh yeah, i now see you have done the L96A1 . Also would you please make the parks grenade launcher! Faverate animal eh, then it may interest you to know that i am now staying in Darjeeling, a small town in the Himalayas where the local zoo has several snowleopards.

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    Em, what grenade launcher are you talking about?

    Oh, about the snow leopards,.....

    The heading on the pic just below the .35 long range rifle.

    If you dont mind me asking, how old are you just because im very impressed at all your istructables.

    PS just voted for you in the laser contest

    Ok, but still, what grenade launcher are you talking about?

    Sorry, i don't like giving my personal info away.

    PS Thanks again :)

    please check out 'thumb mounted pencil launcher' my first instructable

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