Custom Trunk Lightning




Introduction: Custom Trunk Lightning

Since I have my car, one thing was upsetting me. The light in the trunk is just positioned in the wrong place. The stock light for the car (a OPEL/Vauxhall/Chevrolet Corsa ) is located in the lower left corner. If you put something in your trunk, all the light will always be blocked. In the photo you see the enhanced version.

- light from above

- and more lumen

Step 1: Rivet a LED Stripe to the Roof

I've applied a standard 12V LED stripe to a stainless steel sheet to spread the heat of the LEDs.

Step 2: Pull a Cable Through Your Car

Luckily for me, my car already had a light in the trunk even if it is useless. But at least I had the possibility to use the switched light to hock me on. Therefore I've pulled a cable through your car. From the roof over the left side to the stock light in the lower left corner.

Step 3: Other Cars Other Ideas

The car of my wive doesn't even have a light in the trunk, so there I've
pulled a cable from the interior lightning in the front to the back. Also I had to applied a switch to it, due to the lack of a switch. I just want to show some alternatives to you.



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