Step 4: Conclusion & Photoshoot

Project: Enter the USB was created by Kurtis Kronk for TheTechLounge.com. You can see the original article published online here.

One extra finishing touch that I didn't anticipate was that, when the E6000 had finished setting, it was a little higher than necessary around the edges and wasn't totally flat. To correct this, I got the Dremel back out and used the grinding stone to roughly get the edges level. Then I grabbed some sandpaper of various grits (from 400 ~ 2,000) and got the E6000 surface flat and smooth to my satisfaction.

It isn't perfect and, if I had it to do again, I would have thought of a better way to make the E6000 nice and level without having to take any corrective measures after the fact. I've also thought about whether I should have chosen an opaque filler material, but then there is the matter of painting it to match the key. Overall, I feel Project: Enter the USB was a success.

If you've got a great idea for a USB drive mod, I encourage you to give it a shot. It's cheap, relatively simple, and lots of fun. Feel free to share your mods in our forums, or even submit your worklog to be considered for posting on TheTechLounge. Have fun!

robot 19984 years ago
me pdrian decir cual es el pegamento
daviddd7 years ago
AWESOME! One of the best memory stick covers ever!
omega78567 years ago
dude....UR CAMERA IS AWESOME!...lol....wat kind is it?...and yea dude that lookd really good.....i think if u find sumthng that could cover up the bottom...it would help so if water splashes around it or sumthn....but yea it still lookd really good
lordwilliam7 years ago
works very well with your apple mac blends in do you know of any easier and simplier usb case projects becase busbi's brake easily