Step 4: Conclusion & Photoshoot

Project: Enter the USB was created by Kurtis Kronk for TheTechLounge.com. You can see the original article published online here.

One extra finishing touch that I didn't anticipate was that, when the E6000 had finished setting, it was a little higher than necessary around the edges and wasn't totally flat. To correct this, I got the Dremel back out and used the grinding stone to roughly get the edges level. Then I grabbed some sandpaper of various grits (from 400 ~ 2,000) and got the E6000 surface flat and smooth to my satisfaction.

It isn't perfect and, if I had it to do again, I would have thought of a better way to make the E6000 nice and level without having to take any corrective measures after the fact. I've also thought about whether I should have chosen an opaque filler material, but then there is the matter of painting it to match the key. Overall, I feel Project: Enter the USB was a success.

If you've got a great idea for a USB drive mod, I encourage you to give it a shot. It's cheap, relatively simple, and lots of fun. Feel free to share your mods in our forums, or even submit your worklog to be considered for posting on TheTechLounge. Have fun!

<p>When I opened my USB flash drive case, I was really surprised to see that the drive can fit in one of the small regular keys. </p>
<p>What a cool boy in the photos~! i like ur bike! </p>
Done. Same Key. Metal bottom.
Here is how mine came out. I used a little sugru on the back and just pushed it in to the cracks. In the picture it looks pretty rough but I have smoothed it down some since then.
lol, 514 mb's? I have a 16 gig flash drive. And you can buy a 2 gig at wal-mart for 3 bucks. Great &quot;ible&quot; though! 5 stars.
He was being incredibly sarcastic, if you didn't realize. He got his for free at CES, where they were handing them out. That's why it is so small. That's also why he used them for this instructable
Moore's law, my friend. That was in 2007.
me pdrian decir cual es el pegamento<br>
&nbsp;i have an ancient flash drive and it won't fit into any keys except the space bar... but that would look weird. so i'm looking for one that doesn't involve keys.
You could probably fit a candy bar in a space bar. :-)
&nbsp;probably... but that's not really relevant. xD
Who cares?&nbsp; Everyone loves candy!
&nbsp;i suppose.
CANDY BAR FLASH DRIVE!!!!!! probably not possible
definitely possible... until it melts, that is.
i haven't tried this yet, but i dont have a dremel, do you think i could just use a sharp knife or pliers to cut the notch? -aj
i used a soldering iron, lol, which probably wasn't such a good idea with the fumes and all but it worked quite well. just make sure u have a wet paper towel or sponge on-hand 2 wipe off the molten plastic. the dremel works much much better though
yeah, i've cut plastic and stuff with a hot glue gun
<em><strong>HOW&nbsp;IN&nbsp;THE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!</strong></em><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <strong><em>POST&nbsp;A&nbsp;INSTRUCTABLE&nbsp;ON&nbsp;IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</em></strong>
same. ive been using one to melt/cut plastic for like, all the instructables.
Possibly - depends how precise you want to be and how clean you want it to look.
okay, thx but do you know where i could find a cheap usb drive, incase i screw up that one, and it'll let me practice b4 i go and do this with my nice 4gig usb flash drive
staples sells little $5 64mb ones at the checkout counter also checkout microcenter.com they have loads of them. just buy the microcenter brand they're like 1 gb for 12 bucks which is pretty good
for 5$ i got a 4 gig microSD with an adapter
1 word - ebay
i just used an exacto knife 4 the notch it worked well and as long as you're patient and dont rush it, you'll get a clean notch
maybe a small hole on the top and one of those little plastic computer things that conduct light ? any idea what that thing is called?
Firbe optic? you mean the thing that extends the LEDs?
&nbsp;They're called &quot;light pipes&quot;
yeah -- the plastic thingys ... i thought fiber optic was some totall different thing, but ur probably right
I call them fiber optic anyway. The principal of them is the same. I like the idea though... Would make the drike look cooler!
i also just found out about an led accessory called the light pipe a flexible one of those might be perfect for this instructable, especially if the flash drive's led is in an "uncomfortable" area to be seen clearly
XD. Oops, I meant drive.
my only problem is that i cannot find a keyboard to get the &quot;Enter&quot; key from. i would jack one from school, but i would most likely get charged for vandalism if i got caught. and also i dont have a keyboard that DOESNT work.<br /> any ideas on where i could get a cheap or non working keyboard? Good Will possibly?&nbsp; <br />
Just finished this, used a shift key :) I found that hot glue, while slightly less pretty allowed me to do it in about 20 minutes, i also used a band saw to cut the key to shape and then an extremely sharp chisel to take the remainder of the plastic out of the key. Once complete I trimmed the excess hot glue with the band saw once more. For a smooth finish, sanded with 320grit. The hot glue has the advantage of nicely difusing the LED that was on the USB drive I used as a donor, looks good. A tip for anyone who has access to them, older dell systems have ruberised caps on the molex connector which used to connect to a floppy drive, these fit the USB plug perfectly so make a great cover for an otherwise cap-less USB drive.
What brand of Flash Drive did you use? Or will virtually all of them fit into an "Enter" key?
512mb isn't that big..i have a 5gb flash drive with windows vista pe and like three linux os.
1gb for 10$
4GB for $15 and it's as big a my thumbnail!! XD
I didn't know they made 5. I mean I've heard of 1, 2, 4, and 8gb but never a 5. huh.
they have 16 and 18 too look at staples
keep in mind that <em>was</em> 5 months ago. They even include 32 now. (And probably larger sizes)<br/>
omg where at staples.?
well, maybe not at staples, but online retailers such as <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.newegg.com/store/SubCategory.aspx?SubCategory=522&Tpk=flash%20drives">newegg</a> have flash drives with 32G and 64G capacities.<br/>
wowo cool thanks
those are too big,for me a 512 meg cuts it
i use 512 meg and it never overflowed with data
rlly......215 makes me feel restricted...lol....u can never have enough space...and plus i have 2 gigs of music and a whole lot of pics...and the occasional school project.....

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