We took an antique wedding dress worn by the bride's mother and grandmother for their weddings, and revamped it for a modern twist on a classic look.

Cutting apart a 3-generation-old dress was a daunting task, but to achieve our design for Elizabeth's perfect dress, it had to be done.  Much time and care was put into removing the delicate lace pieces and repositioning the fabric where it had faded with time.

The end result was a stunning custom wedding dress with a long history of love.

Step 1: The Original Dress

The original dress was a gorgeous monster of silk satin and lace,  with long sleeves, a high neck and a train that could rival Diana's.  Did I mention the full petticoat underneath?

We knew we'd have to cut away most of the fabric to create the simple, airy dress Liz was dreaming about.  (Don't worry - the sleeves became gloves, some of the train became a hat, and almost all of the lace was used.  The rest she still has!)

<p>this is very creative</p>
you never fail to impress me miss sochomorro lol =D lovelyyyyyy
It broke my heart a little bit that you cut up that beautiful vintage dress (I have a weakness for those).. <br><br>It turned out nice though.
Wow! I don't think I'd have the courage/heart to cut into vintage gorgeousness, but with all your planning it truly came out beautiful and one of a kind. I'm so glad you tried to use everything and kept what wasn't used, the fabric hoarder in me is in awe. :-)
Wow! You all did a wonderful job sewing and altering this very special three-generation wedding gown.
that is amazing...lets all us &quot;moms&quot; have hope that maybe, just maybe our daughters will want to wear our dresses - with some personal tweaking of course! Bravo!
It's so beautiful, I'm in awe... @.@
Everytime I see your stuff, I think, &quot;Is there nothing she can't do?&quot; (Double negative, I know.) You are amazing. I enjoy ALL your tutorials!
Thanks for being such a wonderful influence on my middle daughter- words cannot express my gratitude for your work. Peace
I'm flattered. Thank you.
I'm actually printing this out and saving it for my girls. I have 2 wedding dresses. One from my late husband and I and one for my upcoming wedding. I didn't know who might want which dress or if they could sorta take turns but maybe they could do this instead and have a little of both and a dress made just for them. GREAT IDEA and great ible!! Thanks your awesome!
That's a great idea!
Absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you!
I love the way you &quot;bustled&quot; the train up and out of the way!
Unbelievable!!! I am completely in awe of the work you did; excellent use of vintage materials and a great honor for the bride's grandmother!!
Thank you for sharing your incredible masterpiece. I wore my mother-in-law's gown, and my daughter wants to wear this memory of her beloved grandmother. However, she'd also like to look as if her gown was last stylish in 1948. I was fortunate to purchase a vintage gown that is the twin of mine, so I'll have a little extra fabric to help me in case of mistakes. (gowns of that era are often available on eBay for very little money.) <br><br>Thank you, thank you, thank you again for the inspiration.
Looks fantastic. What material is used to make wedding dresses? Is there a way to do this from &quot;scratch?&quot;
Absolutely! I've made dresses from scratch out of silk, organza, lace, you name it! This dress was silk and lace.
Give the couple my best of luck and wishes!
that is so amazing and beautiful. And very ballsy! Id be terrified to tear into an heirloom dress. but I also lack the skill and know-how that you clearly have. You are so talented! teach meeeeeeeeee. hahah
Wow! It turned out perfect!<br><br>If only more people had the patience to do this. :)
Gorgeous job!
Wow, that's awesome!
I love this ible!! I am going to print it out and save it for my girls. Thanks so much for sharing it! Just a wonderful idea and a beautiful dress!!
Beautiful work, creativity, while still keeping family traditions alive.

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