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I was given a pair of Clark Desert Boots without laces; I was being lazy so I just wore them.

Until one day I was chasing down a MUNI and I thought, "Hmm I really need laces."

Fast forward - I had extra wire from powder coating so I just started using them as laces.

Then I thought, why not make them into a design - and now here we are.






Needle nose pliers

Ideas to design with wire

Step 1: Prep

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Get your materials and tools together

Step 2: Design

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Create the design you want on one side.

I went with a Bird and a Rose; make whatever you want - go CRAZYyyy!!

Then string it through the desired eyelet

Step 3: Make Another on the Opposite Side

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Close the loop

I just went with a swirl - easy and effective.

Step 4: "Tie" Your Laces!

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Do a lil' twist ;)


acuchetto (author)2014-03-16


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-03-15

Awesome! Those should last quite a while :)

Thanks love :)

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