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Introduction: Custom Wood Clothing Hangers

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Customize your closet with these fun laser cut clothing hangers.  

Supplies and Tools
20" x 10" x 1/4" ply wood
Laser Cutter
Vector Drawing Program - I created these hangers in Illustrator but printed them in Corel Draw

Attached Files: I included three files in this Instructable.  A file for the dress hanger and heart hanger, and the third file is the basic hanger with out any detail so you can mod it yourself!

***I made this at TechShop!!

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    I made it ,

    I think that's good idea!!

    That's awesome idea! They look great!! Thanks for sharing.

    Glad to see they came out. Looks great!

    Oh wow how cool is this!! You could easily sell these if you had the desire, they are stunning! Well done and thanks for sharing the files! 5 stars and you have my vote :)

    1 reply

    Thanks so much!!! I have lots of ideas for fun images to use with these hangers.

    Nice work Carley! I wish I'd had a laser cutter when I did this. You should point out that you could hang a matching necklace from the R of dress.

    1 reply

    Awesome! This is like v2. I've thought about doing a purse hanger or a belt hanger.

    That is just a really, really good/awesome idea. Just gotta say that. I'll take a few :)