Using this method, you can make all sorts of custom keepsakes for you and your friends. It is relatively inexpensive and easy but looks impressive. I spent less than $10! Here's what you'll need:

- Stencil (hand-drawn or digitally printed on computer paper, cut with X-Acto knife)
- Unfinished wood item (plaque, jewelry box, etc.)
- Wood stain of chosen color
- Varnish of chosen finish
- Sponge and paint brushes
- Soft cloth rags

Let's make a one-of-a-kind gift!

Step 1: Prepare Your Stencil

I simply sized my silhouette on my computer and printed it out on plain paper. Using an X-Acto knife, I carefully cut around the outline. Keep in mind whether you want to create a positive or negative stencil during this process.
<p>Hi, such a great instructable, thought I'd make my own!</p><p>Here's a <a rel="nofollow">link to my ible</a> that shows my approach and execution. </p><p>Thank you for the idea! </p>
That is so cute! And something that can be appreciated for many years!
Thank you! I hope to try out this method with other designs on different wood pieces.
This is lovely! Thank you for sharing all of your trials and errors with us as well. If you were to use a glue that was specifically non-stainable, would you have still rinsed the plaque after staining, or left the glue as is?
Thank you! You know, I really had no idea that the glue would be so orange when it dried, or that it would wash off at all. For me, I think rinsing it gave it a more antiqued look. A less enterprising person might suggest testing out your glue and stain in an inconspicuous spot or spare piece of wood before going for it :)

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