Custom Wood Wall Design





Introduction: Custom Wood Wall Design

I used wood to create a unique wall design.  After working out the design on paper and determining all of the measurements,  I cut 1x4 pieces of wood into the individual pieces I would need.  In my case, there was 12", 15" 18", and  30" pieces.   It was over 100 cuts in all!  I then sanded each piece of wood to allow the stain to set and look better.  Then I stained each piece twice to get a dark espresso color.  Then came the finish.  I used Deft clear wood finish, a clear lacquer spray.  After the first coat, I used extra fine steel wool (0000) to buff each piece after which I applied a second coat.  When the wood was finally prepared, I used an air compressor and air gun (using 23 gauge, 1 3/8 inch brads) to attach the wood to the wall.  I used a measuring tape and a level throughout the nailing to ensure straight, even lines.  I am thrilled with the outcome.  It is a very unique home project that frames the television and gives the room a more modern and custom feel.   



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Beautiful decor! I love it! I want to do this in my living room. I saw a house with similar wood design on the outside and thought of doing that design (a bit 60ist style), but yours is more contemporary.

Great looking project, I must say you have inspired me to do something similar in our guest room which currently lacks any personal touch! Love the stain color you chose, I'm currently refinishing a china hutch with a similar dark mocha color. Great way to introduce wood into a home in a modern/economical way!