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Introduction: Custom Wooden Spoon

My father enjoys natural things and he likes a couple of wooden spoons that i have made for him in the past so i decided to make a special spoon for him. He gave me a spoon that he liked to use and I decided to make a duplicate of it out of wood. I used walnut wood.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need

-PATIENCE (Its not too hard, but sometimes a bit time consuming)

-A spoon to duplicate

-A bandsaw or jigsaw (you could carve the shape also)

-Wood big enough to make your spoon

-Sandpaper 100 through 1500

-A rotary file for a drill or dremel

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Simply lay your spoon on a piece of wood and trace the outline. after that is done and cut out then you need to do the same for the side profile of the spoon so you get all the curves right.

Step 3: Sand the Curves.

Now use a chisel or sanding tools to refine the curves on the spoon. Make sure to not go past the lines from the original spoon.

Step 4: The Bowl

Now use a dremel or a rotary file to dig out the inside of the spoon. Be careful on this step and do not go too thin. remember you still have to sand it. sorry the pictures I had got corrupted and I cant put them on sorry.

Step 5: Sand Sand Sand Finish Sand

Refine the shape of your spoon to match your original spoon perfectly with low grit sandpaper like 100 or 150 grit. Then move up in your grits and make sure that every part is smooth before moving on. Focus on the bowl part especially though it is hard to sand.

After that you must finish it with whatever finish you like. Mineral oil, coconut oil, sad bowl finish, teak oil, linseed oil, polyeurethane or lacquer or any finish you want. I made this spoon for my father and since he likes natural things I just used raw coconut oil.

Step 6: Gift or Use

Now that you are finished with a beautiful wooden spoon that is definitely heirloom material, then you must find a good use for it. For me it was giving it to my wonderful father who does so much for me.

You can practice making wooden spoon all you want and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do. i find it very relaxing and enjoyable. Some Pictures of my other spoons got corrupted also so sorry about that. I will try to take some pictures of them soon and add them in an update.

By the way, if you sand the spoon while it is wet, then it will be less likely to have raised grain when you are using it. Mine gets wet and it is still silky smooth. On some of the higher grits, just start using wet/dry sandpaper with water to keep the wood wet, but not soaked.

I hope you enjoyed your stay and please come again.

I would love to hear from you all on my page or down below in the comments.

BTW The first three people to make their own wooden spoon and show us in the comments below will receive a free 3 month pro membership.


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30 YEARS i have been wood carving and this is the first time someone

has said use water,whilst sanding ,I have been doing this from my first

carving.Your spoon and other works are really great.If at 17 years of age you are

doing this fine work you are a perfectionist.and will be noticed in the world of ART.

I will be following you.Keep up the good work & love it.

that is nice-- the only problem I would have is "Honey I've made a spoon" -- "Lovely, now go make the other 11 place settings!!"

Great job! you do good work.

Nice work I'll have to try this next time we are at camp

I recently made a spoon using just a axe, a knife and a small chisel. The picture is before I gave its final shape and sanding, I finished it with cooking oil to be sure it was food safe.


I recently made a spoon using just a axe, a knife and a small chisel. The picture is before I gave its final shape and sanding, I finished it with cooking oil to be sure it was food safe.


No, I didn't receive my membership, but it's okay. I had made this knife previously anyhow. Save the premium membership for somebody who was inspired to try something new from your instructable.

Keep up the great work!! I like your wooden spoon!! takes two hands to carve the bowl section. I have been carving for over 25yrs and your work looks great!!

Thank you for the kind words. i appreciate it