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Learn how to repaint a xbox 360 faceplate to suit your needs/tastes.

I recently bought a remote for my xbox 360. The remote came with a custom faceplate, however it was white and would not match my elite well. Since it was practically free, and they are dirt cheap, I decided to repaint it.

Step 1: Inspect

Picture of Inspect

I carefully looked over each area and decided the best way to operate on it.

Step 2: Remove Doors

Picture of Remove Doors

Remove the memory doors and usb doors

Step 3: Remove Buttons

Picture of Remove Buttons

Carefully remove the two buttons as shown in the images.

Step 4: Remove IR

Picture of Remove IR

This is hard to do, don't break it or it will look stupid.

Step 5: Sand

Picture of Sand

Sand it or it will look like shit.

Step 6: Prime

Picture of Prime

Prime it or it will look like dog shit, trust me i have ruined many models from not priming, so just do it.

Step 7: Paint

Picture of Paint

Let your primer dry at least one hour, i waited 2 hours.

Then let your paint dry at least one hour

Step 8: Unwrap

Picture of Unwrap

Unwrap all your masking tape.

Step 9: Install Doors

Picture of Install Doors

Install the doors.

Step 10: Install Buttons and IR

Picture of Install Buttons and IR

Install buttons and IR

Step 11: Epoxy Things Down

Picture of Epoxy Things Down

Now you have to ensure your stuff doesn't move.

BTW Syringe epoxy is the most useless thing ever created.

Step 12: Admire

Picture of Admire

I am happy with my work, except slot b, which i sprayed too long with the final coat.

Total pictures taken 101
Total pictures used 60 (I shit you not go count them)
Ratio 60%

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senario 158 (author)2009-01-18

i thought u were going to go :o again

mmeroney (author)senario 1582011-10-02

No, no, no, It's :0 (a zero). :)

nokittymypotpi3 (author)2010-01-31

Wait so how did you avoid getting paint on the middle clear Power button, where you can see the green light?

Hope to try this soon once I get a reply ^.^

sbrown (author)nokittymypotpi32010-01-31

Just pop it out, it comes out really easy

joelyboy94 (author)sbrown2011-08-27

hi there,
ive managed to get the circular power button out but i can't get the plastic power icon out within that. I dont want to spray over it coz itll look crap - ive tried forcing it out and it rips the plastic off!
please help!

ccontreras-1 (author)2011-03-06


junits15 (author)2010-12-29

I'm never going to see that USB cover the same way again. Also nice shitbrix joke too haha! :)

nokittymypotpi3 (author)2010-01-31

I just found out we have differeent face plates

mine is like the one on the left and yours is like the one on the right >.>

So I guess I'm just going to paint over the center light  ;P

CaseBoy (author)nokittymypotpi32010-12-14

same with mine had to paint over

ryandale1234 (author)2010-12-04

think il just mask over mine

sbrown (author)ryandale12342010-12-04

how unwise

MoshBoshKid (author)2010-11-01

how did you mnage to keep the "on" symbol in the midle without paint on it ??

sbrown (author)MoshBoshKid2010-11-01

The clear plastic part comes out

BombermanBob (author)2008-11-15

how do i even get the face plate off my halo3 xbox360

YAMAHAMMER (author)BombermanBob2008-12-06



sbrown (author)YAMAHAMMER2008-12-06


sbrown (author)BombermanBob2008-11-15

If you notice a seam, look at the bottom of the faceplate (if it is standing up). There should be a little indent were you can grab it. You have to pull fairly hard.

CaseBoy (author)2010-09-21

just made one will post a pic

J 4 M I 3 (author)2010-08-30

how did you remove that lttle button in the middle. Please reply

nokittymypotpi3 (author)2010-01-31

how do you pop it out? In the tutorial I only saw you take off the transparent circle around it but not the middle center light.

Head Wound (author)2008-07-21

What no clear coat?

sbrown (author)Head Wound2008-07-22

You think it needs one?

Head Wound (author)sbrown2008-07-22

A clear coat protects the paint color from chipping and ware and tear. Nothing is worst that putting a lot of effort in a custom paint job just to see the paint chip off and see the original color of the object underneath, in your case the original color of the faceplate. From what I seen you did a good job painting the face place, you did nice thin coats of silver paint will almost no drip marks (well none I can see). Also the clear coat, if done right makes a nice surface easily polish to a nice shine.

yobwoc (author)Head Wound2009-11-20

Unless you have a destuctive:
parent (lol)
or neighbor,
you don't need heavy duty covering. It's not like you need to do anything that would harm the case in any way to make the console work...

sbrown (author)yobwoc2009-11-20

Exactly. Every time i plug in anything, i fold the door in with my finger anyway. So far i have had no scratches on my faceplate

Z-and-B-inc (author)Head Wound2009-01-12

When is your faceplate getting ware or tear? It's attached to the xbox which shouldn't be flying across the room.

sbrown (author)Z-and-B-inc2009-01-13

I think he means with the plug and memory card doors. I've had no problems and its been like 8 months.

sbrown (author)Head Wound2008-07-22

I didn't think it would be a big deal. I can't really change it now, everything epoxied up. Next one I make I'll be sure to clear coat it thanks for the tips.

old_bass_masta (author)2009-10-02

lawlz at the :0 in almost every step. you sir are great.

xxninjanickxx69 (author)2009-10-01

yo what about some clear coat well ill just do it anyway cant hurt nuthin thnx for the tutorial great one this will help me aloot :0

spartanleader_117 (author)2009-09-21

TY THX for the guide, xbox looks freaking awesome, repainted it a solid red with the lambo insignia stenciled in the sides, thx for the guide again.

mrdepo96 (author)2009-08-11

must... resist... doing... a rising sun design on my xbox!

mrdepo96 (author)mrdepo962009-08-11

what's that tag mean when it says don't break these?

sbrown (author)mrdepo962009-09-12

Very thin plastic tabs that hold the button in place

lilalex (author)2009-07-31

HE||S YEAH, SB! Thanks for the sweet tute - minus the lack of a final clear coat this is probably the best How To's on faceplate painting I've seen.

hu777 (author)2009-07-22

Dude wtf..... THERES 74 PICS!

EarlyGrayce (author)2009-07-21

Great Instructable. One thing got me though, the colour. I told my girlfriend what colour you painted it and she almost wet herself laughing. I got a silver faceplate for $5 from my local game shop a few years ago. Otherwise a great tutorial for the people that miss the obvious like having to disassemble the unit to make the IR and lights stay working. I also like the work others have done to theirs and think it is time for me to mod one of my older 360s.

fidgetingfinch (author)2009-07-06

I just made a faceplate today using this guide. I made it look like the paint job on the BMW M3 from NFS Most Wanted. I am so impressed with it, it is so amazing. It is painted metallic blue and metallic silver, with the M3 GTR badge stenciled on, and the power button is painted to look like the BMW logo. This guide really helped in making it. Thanks.

irondaddy (author)2009-01-13

what u guys think of these?????????????

nabzaf (author)irondaddy2009-07-02

now that is cool

redstarsrbija (author)2009-06-25

i followed this instructable really closely and mine turned out great :)

sbrown (author)redstarsrbija2009-06-25

Why is your xbox on lego, and why aren't the buttons painted? Other than that it looks freeking awesome

redstarsrbija (author)sbrown2009-06-26

thats my lego xbox 360 stand haha everything that isn't painted gold is painted silver :) including the buttons lol

SpaceGhost2K (author)2009-06-22

I run the faceplate database over at If you guys send me good pics of your plates, I'll add them to the database. There are over 1.400 plates in there, right now. We've also got a couple of tutorials from other customizers.

Ryan Shirley (author)2009-06-04


Ryan Shirley (author)2009-06-04

i cant resist

miqt (author)2009-03-03

oh dang..i just finished painting my whole xbox 360 red :) it's amazing, i just used special (and extra expensive) thin as heck acidic spray paint made for plastic, so i didn't even need to prime or clear coat, but i wish i would have checked this instructable out first, because i kinda jacked up the faceplate :0 lol so ya...but it's ok, i just messed up the little usb door..everything else is decent and it looks SICK!!! oooh, i see you have 2 face plates you need them both? maybe i could get one from you.

TomArnison (author)miqt2009-05-27

buy one at best buy or gamestop 15 bucks

sbrown (author)miqt2009-03-03

Show pics of your xbox :D Also, no point in wasting like 10 dollars shipping it to you, when you can buy them for like 8 dollars.

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