Learn how to repaint a xbox 360 faceplate to suit your needs/tastes.

I recently bought a remote for my xbox 360. The remote came with a custom faceplate, however it was white and would not match my elite well. Since it was practically free, and they are dirt cheap, I decided to repaint it.
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Step 1: Inspect

I carefully looked over each area and decided the best way to operate on it.

Step 2: Remove doors

Remove the memory doors and usb doors

Step 3: Remove Buttons

Carefully remove the two buttons as shown in the images.

Step 5: Sand

Sand it or it will look like shit.

Step 6: Prime

Prime it or it will look like dog shit, trust me i have ruined many models from not priming, so just do it.

Step 8: Unwrap

Unwrap all your masking tape.

Step 10: Install buttons and IR

Picture of Install buttons and IR
Install buttons and IR

Step 11: Epoxy things down

Now you have to ensure your stuff doesn't move.

BTW Syringe epoxy is the most useless thing ever created.

Step 12: Admire

I am happy with my work, except slot b, which i sprayed too long with the final coat.

Total pictures taken 101
Total pictures used 60 (I shit you not go count them)
Ratio 60%

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MoshBoshKid4 years ago
how did you mnage to keep the "on" symbol in the midle without paint on it ??
sbrown (author)  MoshBoshKid4 years ago
The clear plastic part comes out